02.03.2021 - 04.03.2021 / Live Event


Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Partners Cluster Reply, Solidsoft Reply, Valorem Reply and WM Reply, are participating in "Microsoft Ignite" with a single virtual stand where participants can discover all the latest on Microsoft solutions.


News & Communication

Solidsoft Reply successfully completes live deployment of National Blueprint System Release 7

Solidsoft Reply have recently completed the deployment of release 7 of the Solidsoft Reply National Blueprint System across 12 National Systems across Europe namely: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta, Slovenia, Sweden & Switzerland.


News & Communication

Solidsoft Reply Awarded Digital & Innovation Contract for NHS Trusts in the North of England

The NOE CPC has awarded Solidsoft Reply a 4 year Framework agreement for ICT Solutions Delivery (Professional Services & Consultancy Support) relevant to the needs of NHS and other health sector and public sector bodies.


News & Communication

Solidsoft Reply becomes a recognised member of INTEROPen

Solidsoft Reply becomes a recognised member of INTEROPen 0INTEROPen is an OPEN collaboration of individuals, industry, standards organisations and health and care providers, working together to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability.


News & Communication

Solidsoft Reply
Joins HL7 UK

Solidsoft ReplyJoins HL7 UK 0Solidsoft Reply has become an organisational member of Health Level Seven® (HL7®) in the UK, in order to leverage & drive standards for interoperability across healthcare.


News & Communication

Solidsoft Reply awarded a place on CCS Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud 12 Framework

Solidsoft Reply are delighted to announce that it has been awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service public sector Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud 12 Framework. Our full range of solutions and services can be viewed here.



Faculty of Clinical Informatics Annual Scientific Conference

Solidsoft Reply will be sponsoring the inaugural scientific conference of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics – the foremost event for the science and practice of clinical informatics, ehealth and digital health. The virtual event offers an opportunity to learn about pioneering research and insights for using information to improve health and well- being.

Accelerated Integration using QuickConnect for Healthcare

Solidsoft Reply accelerates integration of cloud and on-premises healthcare systems using the QuickConnect for Healthcare framework. QuickConnect for Healthcare is our ‘kitbag’ for integration. It supports standards including HL7 FHIR and helps us to rapidly integrate clinical systems and FHIR servers. It leverages the mature ecosystem of the Microsoft Azure platform and interoperates with other integration tools and platforms.

Our Customers

Solidsoft Reply have partnered with International, national and local public sector organisations exceeding their expectations by delivering world class solutions.

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01.07.2020 / English Language


Managing Medicinal Supply in Health Care

FROM 10.00 TO 10.45 A.M. BST

Join Solidsoft Reply who will be sharing insights on the growing demand of regional based medicinal supply and how their experience in handling verified medicines across Europe is valuable.




Release of VeriLite 2.0

We have released VeriLite 2.0, the first major update of our cloud-based solution, immediately boosting Doctors, Pharmacists & Wholesalers fight against fake medicines across Europe.

27.04.2020 / English Lanuage


Remote Consultation of Long Term Conditions in Community Care

Digital responses to the Covid-19 outbreak have been many. During this Webinar Solidsoft Reply explained how their offering, TiCuro (from Healthy Reply), supports remote triage of at-risk cohorts and uses care plans aligned to high risk groups to monitor and flag vital signs.


News & Communication

Reply becomes a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider

Reply announces it has become a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP), which is a status awarded to only a small number of highly capable Microsoft managed services provider partners worldwide.



Identifying Products for CLM Management - A call to action

One of the main drivers for the adoption of closed-loop medicine (CLM) administration in the acute sector is the adoption of EMRAM. Closing that loop presents a challenge that needs facing.



Medicine safety and product identification

Medicine safety is a central concern in modern healthcare. Ensuring that healthcare practitioners administer the right medicine to the right patient is crucial. A falsified medicine deliberately or fraudulently misrepresents its identity, composition or source.


Case Study

Solidsoft Reply builds Verilite

On 9th February 2019, the Falsified Medicine Directive came into force. Solidsoft Reply were able to meet the needs of the Falsified medicines directive (FMD) by building a web based application called VeriLite.

Solidsoft Reply builds Verilite 0



Which Microsoft Azure replication service should you use?

Microsoft Azure supports 4 different replication services, locally-redundant storage, zone-redundant storage, geo-redundant storage and read-access geo-redundant storage (also known as LRS, ZRS, GRS and RA-GRS respectively.)



Microsoft Azure Service fabric containers and microservices

Microsoft Azure Service fabric makes use of many new service application methods to allow new ways to develop code in a better, more efficient and more rounded way.



Changing from using a certificate thumbprint to a common name in a service fabric cluster

This blog will look into Microsoft Azure's certificate thumbprint as being the unique identifier of the certificate in the form of a hash value computed over the complete certificate.


Best Practice

Developing Applications using Microservices and Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

Microservices based architectures allow for increased scalability and agility when developing and maintaining Customer focused services. Solidsoft Reply employs Microsoft Azure Service Fabric, a distributed systems platform to package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable Microservices and containers while supporting native cloud development.