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The European Union promotes the highest standards of medicine safety for its 450 million citizens. Every year, its population consumes 10 billion packs of prescribed medicines supplied by 1,800 pharmaceutical manufacturers across 27 countries.

Every pack is individually scanned and inspected at the point of dispense by an authorised pharmacist or dispensing doctor to ensure it authenticity before it is supplied to a member of the public. These checks are carried out at 130,000 dispensing locations across the EU, with additional verification performed by wholesalers within the supply chain. Every scan is checked against trusted data in the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS).

Protecting A Continent

How do you successfully build, deploy and manage a system on this scale in such a challenging and diverse landscape? The secret is strong industry support for a stakeholder model endorsed by national and EU authorities, excellent collaborative leadership across all participating countries and the selection of IT partners with the skills and capacity to deliver systems on this scale.

The stakeholders selected Solidsoft Reply to build the EMVS Hub and a ‘blueprint’ national system. The Hub allows every manufacturer of prescription medicines to securely upload billions of serial numbers which are then distributed to national systems. Our national systems are used by fourteen countries across Europe to support verification and pack decommissioning within their territory, protecting their citizens from falsification, promoting confidence in medicines and ensuring that the European supply chain remains trustworthy and clean.


We run the big systems behind medicine verification, but what about the people who actually scan the barcodes? Pharmacists, clinicians, wholesalers and members of the public need applications that are easy to use, provide reliable results and give clear information about the authenticity of the pack.

We provide a range of verification applications to meet the needs of end users. Our browser-based VeriLite application is a cloud-based solution that allows users to connect easily to the verification system using off-the-shelf barcode scanners. We also provide mobile device applications that can be customised to the needs of users or branded as enterprise-level or national verification applications

For more information on VeriLite, see our dedicated VeriLite web site at

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    Solidsoft Reply is a leading technology company creating award-winning solutions utilising the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. As a globally acclaimed Microsoft AI Cloud Solutions Partner, we specialise in GS1 traceability systems worldwide, crucially ensuring the authenticity, legality, and safety of our customers’ products and services. Serving non-profits, NGOs, healthcare, and the pharmaceutical industries, we deliver technology for positive social impact. Your products, safe in our hands.