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At Solidsoft Reply, we are more than a leading, global award-winning Microsoft AI Cloud Solutions Partner, specialised in cloud-based verification and track and trace systems. We are a team of innovators, dedicated to transforming healthcare and pharmaceutical industries with our cutting-edge technology solutions. With over 30 years of experience, we are an established thought leader, delivering digital applications, clinical integrations and services via our highly skilled team.

We empower our customers and partners in healthcare, pharmaceutical, not-for-profit, and social impact sectors, elevating efficiency, governance, medicine safety, and patient care through innovative, outcome-driven solutions.

Solidsoft Reply also optimises pharmaceutical operations, seamlessly connecting consumers, wholesalers, and the industry through our applications. As a Microsoft AI Cloud Solutions Partner we build on Microsoft's commitment to fostering innovation by creating transformative applications, using Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure to redefine healthcare experiences and enhance business growth.

Who we do it for

Solidsoft Reply’s tailor-made technological solutions are designed to meet our customers' unique needs and drive their success. We collaborate with a variety of organisations to elevate and shape the healthcare and technology landscape. Our systems ensure end-to-end visibility and authenticity in supply chains, enhancing accountability and minimising risks.

We are proud to work with some of the most reputable organisations in the industry, including:


Technical offerings

In a world where counterfeiting and falsified medicines pose significant threats to public health and safety, Solidsoft Reply is deeply committed to protecting patients and ensuring the integrity of verified medicines. Our paramount focus lies in delivering products that are authentic, legal, and safe, thereby upholding the highest standards throughout the lifecycle of medical products.

Our approach seamlessly integrates genuine care with solutions that elevate the global healthcare and pharmaceutical experience, addressing evolving needs using advanced Azure technologies. We provide an optimised experience for both existing and prospective customers.

ensuring our customers' products are authentic, legal and safe.


We also provide the following services to our customers:

  • Integration & visibility: We can seamlessly connect your systems, applications and data sources across various business functions in the enterprise using efficient data modelling, design, flexible integration, and advanced analytics technologies.

  • Bespoke solutions: We offer a comprehensive and clear development service, guiding you from understanding your needs to designing, building, delivering, and supporting your customised solution, meeting ISO9001, ISO27001, GS1, and GAMP5 standards.

  • Digital transformation: We can design and implement digital automation for your entire business, improving performance for a successful digital transformation. We use process mining, data modelling, intelligent process automation, business process optimisation, business model realignment and other innovative technologies to achieve this.

  • Cloud enablement: We can re-platform and migrate your core applications and systems to the cloud, reducing ownership costs and facilitating effective remote access for your staff.


Our framework reflects Solidsoft Reply’s commitment to enhancing healthcare through pioneering solutions that redefine possibilities. We can offer our services across pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, including:

  • G-Cloud: An agreement that allows public sector customers to procure cloud-based computing services, including software, hosting and cloud support.

  • NHS SBS Cloud Solutions 2: The provision of cloud-based solutions, and related goods and services for National Health Service Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) approved organisations.

  • North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative: Provides tailored and collaborative procurement solutions to the NHS and other public sector organisations.

  • TePAS 2: Offers public sector buyers with a flexible way to buy technology products and associated services. This includes technology infrastructure, end user devices and software needs.

Accreditations & awards


Read more about our Microsoft awards here.


Our healthcare awards.

Our Partners


Culture and Values

At Solidsoft Reply, we foster a culture of open communication in a close-knit, trusting environment, cultivating a can-do attitude among our team of technologists and experts. We are part of the Reply network, a leading consultant and systems integration company, specialising in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media.

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    Solidsoft Reply is a leading technology company creating award-winning solutions utilising the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. As a globally acclaimed Microsoft AI Cloud Solutions Partner, we specialise in GS1 traceability systems worldwide, crucially ensuring the authenticity, legality, and safety of our customers’ products and services. Serving non-profits, NGOs, healthcare, and the pharmaceutical industries, we deliver technology for positive social impact. Your products, safe in our hands.