Integrated Care



The Digital Maturity of NHS organisations is in the spotlight and refuses to go away. One key element of that scrutiny, that of Closed Loop Medicines management, is an area Solidsoft Reply are focused on supporting their NHS customers with. Our Whitepaper draws out some of the key challenges, our approach in addressing these current challenges, as well as highlighting the way in which we work to support our customers.

Regional Workshops

How can we optimize the work Pharmacists do? How can we ensure that there is a single version of the truth as a patient moves across boundaries and experiences their care? Transfer of Care around medicines involves multiple providers and can cross multiple pathway. How do we put the patient at the heart of care across an integrated care system, and reduce the risk of error, drive down polypharmacy and improve the quality of data coming into the system?

Join us at one of our five regional workshops for an interactive day getting to the heart of the issues around medicines in the new world of Integrated Care.

Come Along

  • London 22/04/20
  • Birmingham 23/04/20
  • Manchester 29/04/20
  • Bristol 30/04/20
  • Leeds 06/05/20

  • If you would like to attend one of our events please today specifying the location you are interested in.


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