30.11.2023 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 23D

Learn more about the Eloqua 23D release in our webinar on 30 November 2023. Our Like Reply experts explain the latest features, such as Form Protection Improvements, Reporting API and Eloqua's Webhook app and show Redwood Experience updates. In addition, interesting use cases on the topic of Generative AI are presented.




Come visit us; we look forward to seeing you on October 18th and 19th at Booth G7 at Lingotto Fiere!


Case Study


Join us in exploring Sparco's digital transformation, steered by the innovative strategies of Like Reply. From e-commerce platform choices to a data-driven vision, discover how Sparco is making waves in the digital market.


10.10.2023 - 11.10.2023 / Augsburg


German Marketing Day 2023

On October 10 and 11, 2023, the marketing community will meet for the German Marketing Day. Reply is also on site with Frank Reply, Like Reply, Syskoplan Reply and Triplesense Reply. Learn more about our expertise on artificial intelligence in marketing.

19.09.2023 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 23C

Join our us for our webinar on 19 September 2023 to learn more about the new Eloqua Release 23C. It includes new features like redirect for Landing Pages, Hyperlink Tracking Updates, the new Webhook App for Eloqua, and new features in the Eloqua Redwood Experience. In addition to the release update, our Like Reply experts give insights into our apps like the Generative AI Assistant App. The session is available online.

30.05.2023 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 23B

Join us on 30 May 2023 for our webinar where our Like Reply experts highlight the new Eloqua Release 23B. This includes the Eloqua Redwood UX Experience as well as unsubscribe pages that protect against unintentional unsubscribes, a new Reporting API and many more features and functions. The session is available online.

09.03.2023 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 23A

In this webinar on 9 March 2023 the new Eloqua Release 23A is introduced. It includes new features such as Email Frequency by Email Group, Automated Certificate Management, SMS Enhancements and many more. Additionally, our experts from Like Reply explain how to use WhatsApp as a new channel integrated to Eloqua. The session is available online.



Like Reply is Adobe Platinum Partner

Reply achieves the status of Platinum Solution Partner of Adobe, thanks to the exceptional results of Like Reply, Aktive Reply, Comwrap Reply, Open Reply, and Sagepath Reply.

Marketing Automation


Automate appointment scheduling

Like Reply, working with Agendize, can help companies integrate their tool to automate their customer relationship management. With Agendize, they can eliminate the wait time of the appointment process, free up their customers' time to discover their products.

22.11.2022 / Webinar


Special Eloqua Release 22D

In this online session on 22 November 2022, our guest speakers report about a lead management project at SICK AG. Furthermore, the Like Reply experts give an overview of the Eloqua 22D release update and an insight into the Eloqua highlights as well as Oracle Cloud World 22. The webinar is available online.

20.09.2022 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 22C

In our webinar on 20 September 2022 explain our Like Reply experts everything about the new features of the Eloqua Release 22C, such as Integration Enhancements. Our experts also show how to implement forms directly in emails and how to create a GDPR-compliant Contact Deletion Concept. The session is available online.

23.06.2022 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 22B

The Eloqua Release 22B includes many new features such as Commerce and Marketing Campaign Integration, Engage Send Limits and more. Join us in our webinar on 23 June 2022, where our Like Reply experts present the latest features and functions. The session is available online.

24.05.2022 / Webinar


The Road to Modern Selling

Nowadays, buyers educate themselves online on their own terms and only letting you know they’re ready to buy until late in the game. Learn in this webinar on 24 May 2022 from Stäubli, Showpad and Like Reply experts about new selling models. They address the impact of Sales Enablement Tools in a case study and share their experiences. The session is available online.

26.04.2022 / Webinar


Cookieless Future – What you need to know

Learn in our webinar 26 April 2022 more about a cookieless future from Tealium and Like Reply experts. They address the implications of current and future data protection measures and discuss solutions for customer and prospect engagement without relying on third-party cookies. The session is available online.

08.03.2022 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 22A

Join us in our webinar on 8th March 2022 with our experts for an inside look at the new enhancements and features in the Eloqua 22A Release. Get to know more about our naming generator app and our immersive Nurturing Campaign, and learn more about Lead Nurturing. The session is available online.

09.12.2021 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 21D

The new Eloqua 21D release includes several new features and important updates, regarding SMS & Salesforce improvements. Be part of our online session with Like Reply on 9 December 2021 to learn more. Our experts also give brief insights into some new apps that could boost your campaign performance and your daily efficiency. The webinar is available online.

06.10.2021 / Webinar


iOS 15 – the Impact

Apple introduces new privacy protections that allow a better data control. This may have an impact on marketing professionals and their email marketing activities. Learn more about Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and how to adjust and measure your email programs in order to maintain email performance in our webinar on 6 October 2021. The session is online available for you.

Customer Data Platform


Personalization with Customer Data Platforms

Like Reply helps companies to improve their personalization management with the help of Customer Data Platforms. Through personalized customer communication, businesses can acquire and retain customers more easily and effectively.

Customer Data Platform


Data centralization with customer data platforms

Like Reply helps companies to evaluate, choose and set up a suitable Customer Data Platform, ensuring the centralization of all data in one place.

Customer Data Platform


Creating detailed customer profiles

Like Reply helps companies create detailed customer profiles with Customer Data Platforms. This makes it easier to identify needs and develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns based on real facts rather than preconceived notions.

Marketing Strategy


Campaign Strategy

Many customers today expect companies to tailor communications and services to their needs. Like Reply helps clients create a comprehensive campaign strategy based on their existing technology or tool architecture, and provides advice in the decision-making process for a new tool when needed.

Marketing Automation


Cross-Channel Automation

To ensure a personalized experience to customers, companies should provide data-driven omnichannel communications at every stage of the customer lifecycle. As this process involves manual, repetitive work, both the need and the offer of marketing automation tools have increased immensely. Like Reply supports the creation of personalized campaigns and performs a detailed campaign audit in advance.

User Experience


Personalized User Experience

The mission of keeping customers engaged and securing their attention, has made personalized experiences essential for any company's marketing strategy. Like Reply helps businesses create detailed campaign flows, increase conversation rates and create a coherent and holistic customer journey.

Marketing Automation


China is calling with WeChat

As business grows in China, central marketing teams are faced with the fact that the usual marketing channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn and emails do not work. Like Reply helps companies develop a WeChat strategy for the Chinese market.