Dive into Sparco's digital evolution, championed by Like Reply, and see how data-driven strategies are reshaping the marketplace.

Sparco's Digital Transformation Journey

Sparco Spa, a global leader in automotive components and technical clothing based in Turin, has partnered with Like Reply to embark on a digital transformation journey. Their goal is to establish a robust online sales solution and leverage a data-driven approach to enhance their digital presence.

This initiative encompasses data analysis, graphic design, and the development of an agile e-commerce platform using Adobe Commerce Cloud. This platform not only enables Sparco to expand its reach globally and operate round the clock but also collects valuable customer and visitor data, allowing the brand to gain deeper insights into customer perception and continuously evolve.

Flexibility and Customization for Digital Growth

Recognized worldwide for its high-quality products and customization options, Sparco opted for Adobe Commerce Cloud with a Headless architecture, following Reply's recommendation. This choice offered the flexibility needed for UX/UI design, graphic customization, and the creation of tailored editorial components and page structures. The site seamlessly integrates with Sparco's complex product catalog and interfaces with ERP and PIM systems for product management, inventory, and order processes. Additionally, the site supports Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, enhancing the user experience on mobile devices. Sparco's commitment to a data-driven approach is further complemented by Reply's management of SEO and advertising campaigns. To bring the same level of quality and flexibility found in Sparco's physical products to the digital purchasing process, Sparco and Reply collaborated to create the 3D Configurator, a key component of Sparco's online sales solution. Integrated into the e-commerce workflow, this configurator allows users to customize and purchase products, delivering a seamless and engaging digital experience."

What's next?

Reply has accompanied Sparco through all the project phases of this exciting venture, from the discovery phase to the creation of navigable prototypes, from development to migration, and the take-it-live phase.

Today, Sparco and Reply continue to advance the sparco-official project, placing great emphasis on data and leveraging the results collected from various sources (digital, physical, events, etc.).

As previously explained, this is made possible by Sparco's choice to adopt a continuous integration approach in project design, and to continue evolving. The data collected are analysed to contribute constantly to the development of e-commerce, enabling it to adapt to the changing needs of a dynamic and demanding market.

Therefore, data-driven is not just a tool used to optimise the user purchase funnel but a new way of conceiving e-commerce, where content and sales adapt and evolve to anticipate and meet the needs of a dynamic and demanding customers and markets.