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Arrange appointments – not always easy

Time is precious. It is often hard for a salesperson to contact their prospects at the right time and find the spot to make an appointment over the phone. You should always keep in mind:

Improve with
Like Reply

Like Reply, working with Agendize, can help you integrate their tool to automate your customer relationship management. Even better, we help you integrate it with your marketing automation tool and CRM to build a personalized relationship with your prospects and customers.

Agendize: one tool, many advantages

With Agendize, you can eliminate the wait time of the appointment process, free up your customers' time to discover your products, and collect the information necessary for your future marketing campaigns with a virtual queueing management system.

The customer can choose the time to be called back according to the availability in your agendas, and can manage his booking easily. On your side, you can push your contact in your marketing automation tool to customize appointment confirmation notification.

Like Reply can support you to do the integration in your marketing and sales tools but also do some trainings to make it easier for your teams to transform their customer experiences!

Book a meeting with us to discover your use case

In order to find the perfect solution for your application, we analyze your initial situation together with you. Your individual concept will be aligned based on the following questions:

Your team also benefits

With Agendize, your team can have access to a single interface to manage all your customers and interactions. Salespeople receive an email to confirm or decline the booking proposal and get instantly all the information filled in the appointment request form.

Automatically, the sales’ calendar is blocked with all the information filled in. Whether it’s for sales, telemarketing, support, or even booking a spot at a booth during your event, using Agendize makes appointment scheduling simple. All information is uploaded to your CRM and marketing automation tool to push contacts to your campaigns, and further use the data collected.

Test it for yourself!

Book your slot and schedule a meeting with our experts for a demo of Agendize and the possibilities of integration with your marketing automation tool:


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    Like Reply

    Like Reply is a data-driven Digital Marketing specialist with expertise in analytics, attribution modeling, marketing automation, lead management, SEO and performance media, as well as AdTech/MarTech projects. With its expertise, Like Reply creates the best possible digital experiences by combining effective solution design with innovative Marketing and E-Commerce Cloud Technology. The company's services range from the analysis of business and marketing KPIs, to the design of processes and Customer Journeys, the implementation and operation of Marketing Cloud Solutions.