China is calling with WeChat

Like Reply supports companies by developing a WeChat strategy for the Chinese market

The rising Chinese market

China is the world's second largest economy. Growing the business there central marketing teams are faced with the fact that due to a very different user behaviour common marketing channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn and emails do not perform in China as expected.

This leaves them with one big question:

How to enable their existing marketing automation platforms for the Chinese market?

Marketing Automation with WeChat

Centralized marketing teams have invested a lot of time and effort in their Marketing cloud platform in order to provide global campaigns with a focus on prospects, leads and customers. The first step towards chinese market enablement is integrating the proprietary marketing automation platform (for example Oracle Eloqua or Adobe Marketo) with the most important channel in China – WeChat® 微信®.

In 2020, WeChat has reached over 1.2 billion active users (Statista, 2020).

For digital services in China Like Reply develops a WeChat strategy for the market’s special requirements

During the integration process of the proprietary marketing automation tool with WeChat it is crucial to ensure that the data which is collected through the messenger is fulfilling the data requirements of the marketing automation tool. Once the integration is done, marketing teams need to approach the question on how to enable the existing marketing automation campaigns for the new channel. This means for example taking into consideration that existing campaigns are likely to rely heavily on emails, which are being opened by only 5% of the Chinese population.

Creating an individual roadmap

To enable marketing automation platforms for the Chinese market, a roadmap for WeChat onsidering business goals, existing processes and campaigns needs to be developed. Before enterprises should make sure the first phase of embarking on this journey, the roadmap focuses on setting up the right WeChat account and configuring basic WeChat functionalities such as:
WeChat account menu
WeChat registration form including a welcome message
Contact form including auto-reply messages
Newsletter communication

Like Reply’s interdisciplinary and multilingual team specializes in the development of WeChat

Roadmaps for marketers who want to make existing global marketing tools more attractive to their local teams profit from the multilingual experts of Like Reply.

After the integration the strategy-based execution will increase the WeChat followers base by designing and implementing lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns. With Chinese native speaking experts, Like Reply supports according to individual business and technical needs.