Personalization with customer data platforms

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Campaign Management with Customer Data Platforms

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables easily manageable and individualized marketing for cross-channel journey orchestration and campaign management on a global scale.

CDPs can ingest, combine, segment, and deliver data to platforms where it is needed for customized digital experiences. This allows data-driven campaigns for outbound and inbound marketing to be created and managed across the customer lifecycle.

Like Reply supports companies in how they can use a Customer Data Platform to acquire more easily, affordably, and effectively customers while expanding their loyalty programs, improving lifetime value.


Personalized customer communication is key to attracting and converting old and new customers. Personalization takes into account the uniqueness of each customer and happens across multiple channels, both online and offline.

Therefore, it is essential to address customers on all channels in a consistent and personalized manner. This requires sophisticated cross-channel campaign marketing and orchestration capabilities.

The importance of a 360° customer view

A Customer Data Platform can optimize all three relevant areas of the eCommerce business model:
Acquiring new customers, converting and retaining them.

How companies can benefit from personalization

Customer Loyalty

Information from previous transactions can be used to identify customer loyalty. A seamless cross-channel marketing automation campaign can engage customers with personalized Click-to-Action elements to increase sales.


Online channels can inform about the location of a nearby shop and recommend online shopping should it be closed. This can be done with in-app notifications using first-party data such as postcodes or GPS coordinates.


Using a CDP, recommendations can be sent to customers to suggest products based on their data and to deliver customized content to them. Machine Learning methods can be used to generate product recommendations.


With tracked events from a CDP, the personalization can be increased in a marketing automation campaign. Abandoned cart campaigns, for example, can be used to convince customers to complete their purchases nonetheless.

Improved brand perception

Like Reply supports you

Using a CDP effectively improves brand perception through consistent, relevant cross-channel messaging, turning an unprofitable channel into a profitable one. Campaign management capabilities enable the creation of detailed customer profiles, and activating this customer data can increase a company's customer acquisition, conversion, and retention efforts.

Like Reply supports you in your personalization management using Customer Data Platforms to improve your customer acquisition, conversion and retention. You would like to learn more? If you are interested, feel free to contact the Like Reply experts.