Cross-Channel Automation

How to create targeted marketing campaigns
with Like Reply

What is Cross-Channel Automation?

Simply described, Marketing Automation means the use of specific software to plan, model and execute automated, rule-based, multi-channel communication with customers based on their behaviour and reaction to specific offers and communication by a company. This simplifies and accelerates marketing work processes such as lead qualification, the preparation for follow-up, cross- and upselling, or regular and triggered communication. After the initial set-up and proper execution, Marketing Automation can help increase employee satisfaction by accelerating work processes as well as optimize customer experience through higher personalization. This leads to long-term business growth thanks to high cost efficiency and Return of Investment (ROI).

Cross-channel use cases

For a company that has just chosen a new marketing automation tool or is in the process of implementing one, the question that arises is how to use this tool to create personalized customer experiences while saving time and money.

Although companies should always start with a well-thought-out campaign and CRM strategy, most companies, however, need to generate first results in order to create a proof-of-concept for the initial setup of a Marketing Automation tool.

In the following, Like Reply gives recommendations for key use cases with a high potential:

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    1. Re-targeting campaigns to increase sales

    Across all industries, on average, three out of four customers abandon their shopping cart. However, when running an automated shopping cart re-targeting campaign, about half of all emails for this purpose can be expected to be opened. This is just one of the benefits of implementing automated re-targeting campaigns.

  • 2. Post-Purchase Campaigns to optimize service offering and customer satisfaction

    Post-purchase emails have significantly higher open and click-through rates than the industry average. This is mainly due to the fact that customers feel connected to the brand at this point, as they are more receptive to content and communication after purchasing a product than to a regular newsletter send-out. It is advisable to combine Thank-You emails with product recommendations or surveys, as well as offer subscribers incentives for their next purchase or for completing the survey. With this approach it is possible to leverage the maximum potential of Marketing Automation in this phase of the customer life cycle.

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    3. Segmented communication to increase engagement

    By targeting users with content that is relevant to their position in the buying process, can increase conversion rates by up to three quarters. Customers also increasingly expect personalized communication based on their needs and purchase behaviour. Two out of three consumers state that content that is not personalized would prevent them from making a purchase. Like Reply recommends that companies should not wait any longer and start segmenting their communication in order to avoid losing customers.

  • 4. Automated reactivation campaigns to prevent churn

    On average, about a quarter of each company's database is classified as inactive. Continuing to talk to people that are not interested worsens the overall communication performance. To avoid this, brands should reach out to contacts who have previously expressed interest, or were otherwise connected to the company but have become disengaged. The goal is to encourage contacts to become active again through a multi-step approach. If there is an online shop, it is possible to re-activate contacts based on their last purchase or contact with the brand. The reactivation campaign can show customers what is new. Another way to reactivate contacts is to ask about receiving communications.


Personalized Campaigns


One of the great advantages of Marketing Automation tools is that the campaigns listed can be highly personalized. The degree of personalization depends on the data available about the customers.

The challenge here is to find the right data with the greatest potential, depending on the goal of the campaign.
Would you like to learn more or get support in creating personalized campaigns? Like Reply is delighted to conduct a detailed campaign audit in order to identify how to optimize your current campaigns. If you are interested, feel free to contact the Like Reply experts.