Data centralization with customer data platforms

Like Reply centralizes all data for effective marketing

Data Centralization in one place

Nowadays, there is an abundance of marketing channels and data sources in online marketing. How can all this information be efficiently collected and leveraged for marketing activities? Centralizing all data in one place is the key to effective marketing.

Information is generally dispersed across multiple database silos, platforms and systems, but not linked together. Creating a customer picture requires collecting and combining information from multiple data sources to get the most complete picture possible.

Like Reply can help companies choose a centralized and suitable platform to increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Why are Customer Data Platforms necessary?

Characteristics of a Customer Data Platform

Ready to Use Solution

All customer data is clearly organized and can be used immediately. Setting up and maintaining the CDP requires no extensive, technical resources and little time and cost is needed for its implementation.

Single Customer View

The centralised data in a CDP can be visualized through individual profiles for each user with a 360-degree view. The stored identifiers can be used for personalized marketing and sales activities.

Customer Data Unification

Inconsistent data from multiple sources is combined in the CDP to create a unified customer view. A CDP reduces maintenance work, storage costs and the risks of duplicates and data deprecation.

Data for Third Parties

The data from a CDP can be used in third-party systems focused on adtech and campaign delivery. A CDP will seamlessly insert itself and complement the existing technology stack.

The Need of Customer Centric Strategies

The Like Reply offer

A Customer Data Platform rises from the need to implement a customer centric strategy, pursuing a one-to-one customer approach and aiming at reaching personalization on a large scale – both in terms of the number of customers reached and the business impact.

Like Reply conducts a detailed analysis to determine which Customer Data Platform fits your needs and optimizes your marketing. You would like to learn more or get support in setting up your CDP? If you are interested, feel free to contact the Like Reply experts.