Campaign Strategy

Like Reply supports companies in the holistic planning of marketing activities


Non-personalized content discourages a large percentage of consumers from making a purchase on a website. The same is the case for the B2B lead management process.

Providing users with content that meets their information needs during their decision-making process can increase conversion rates by up to three quarters. Even though most companies know this, many still struggle to deliver the automated, personalized communication their contacts are expecting.


  • internal resources (people, time, budget)
  • an internal understanding for the relevance of Marketing Automation and personalized marketing
  • a clear role or responsibility for this topic within the organizational structure

Like Reply can support in defining the right campaign strategy for businesses to ensure all users receive the messaging and content they expect.

The four main pillars of campaign strategy

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    1. GAP Analysis & Campaign Goals:

    A comparison of the status quo with the communication vision; overall KPIs broken down to goals and KPI per campaign.

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    2. Data & Tech Requirements:

    What data is to be gathered and how is it to be used; what tools are needed to achieve these goals?

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    3. Target Groups & Segments:

    Business target groups broken down to data segments.

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    4. Content & Channel Strategy:

    How to approach each defined data segment, defining content, and campaigns as well as the right channels?

A solid campaign strategy


Like Reply helps clients create a comprehensive campaign strategy based on their existing technology or tool architecture, and provides advice in the decision-making process for a new tool when needed.

By developing a clear campaign strategy, companies get a clear overview of where they want to be, how customers should perceive them, and what they want to offer them at each stage of the customer lifecycle. A successful campaign strategy means a big step forward for companies in any industry.