Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation describes the use of tools for planning, execution and automation of marketing communication and processes. In other words: It means the optimization of repetitive processes such as lead qualification, follow-ups, cross- & upselling, and regular or triggered communication in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs and resources.

Stand-alone solutions, which aim at one-to-many communication and thus the sending of mass e-mails belong to the past: over the last 20 years marketing automation has become one of the most important goals of modern marketing.

This is due to rising customer expectations as well as an ever-increasing demand for personalized and relevant content with added value: To deliver a personalized experience to each customer individually, you need to gather the right information, set the right triggers and automate campaign delivery and communication – all based on each customer's behavior and interests, with the right content at the right time and within the preferred channel.

The Offering

  • Support with the implementation of a new marketing automation solution or further development of an existing one
  • Execution of multi-level campaigns where decisions can be automated and manual tasks are avoided
  • Personalized messaging and a personalized overall experience for each user
  • Identification of the most important moments of the customer journey and its optimization, e.g. data delivery, welcome or retargeting
  • Evaluate leads or determine the value of contacts/customers using a scoring or RFM model and set up specific campaigns and triggers for each segment
  • Automated A/B tests that identify the appropriate content and assets

Marketing Automation


Automate appointment scheduling

Like Reply, working with Agendize, can help companies integrate their tool to automate their customer relationship management. With Agendize, they can eliminate the wait time of the appointment process, free up their customers' time to discover their products.

Marekting Automation

Best Practice

What is marketing automation?

The modern solutions of marketing automation provide comprehensive support in the qualification of digital customers. This enables a targeted and personalised approach according to the decision-making process and status of the customer.

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Marekting Automation

Case Study

PANASONIC uses Marketing Automation for a hyperconnected world

Discover the way Like Reply supports its clients' businesses with the planning and implementation of marketing automation strategies.

PANASONIC uses Marketing Automation for a hyperconnected world 0

Marketing Automation

Case Study

ORACLE marketing cloud at GARDNER DENVER

Discover how Gardner Denver, a world leading industrial manufacturer, and Like Reply implemented Oracle Marketing Cloud products to enable a digital strategy.