Customer Data Platforms

Customer Data in a single Database

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are a pre-built system that collects all existing customer data from available data sources and aggregates it into a single database. A CDP integrates with many other marketing systems and platforms and provides this data to other systems, for example for marketing campaigns, customer service and other activities related to customer experience.

While the acronym often appears in the adtech and martech spheres, the use of customer data platforms is not limited to marketing. CDPs have a wide range of functionalities, such as for sales customer support. The goal is to aggregate multiple data sources (online and offline) to create a comprehensive picture of the customer in one place, also known as “single customer view” or “360-degree customer view”.

CDPs can be the fundament of modern efficient marketing automation, understanding the customer journey, data segmentation and analytics, online marketing and advertising solutions as well as real-time personalization.

The Offering

  • Assessment of your CDP needs
  • Accompany through the RFP process and support in the Vendor Selection
  • Setup of your selected CDP and guidance for the Integration of Data Sources
  • Redesigning existing campaigns in a customer centric way as well as Audience Creation & Segmentation
  • Support in Change Management in order to build up new competences
  • Training Sessions to teach you how to use a CDP effectively
  • Ongoing support on all CDP related topics

Customer Data Platform


Data centralization with customer data platforms

Like Reply helps companies to evaluate, choose and set up a suitable Customer Data Platform, ensuring the centralization of all data in one place.

Data centralization with customer data platforms 0

Customer Data Platform


Personalization with Customer Data Platforms

Like Reply helps companies to improve their personalization management with the help of Customer Data Platforms. Through personalized customer communication, businesses can acquire and retain customers more easily and effectively.

Customer Data Platform


Creating detailed customer profiles

Like Reply helps companies create detailed customer profiles with Customer Data Platforms. This makes it easier to identify needs and develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns based on real facts rather than preconceived notions.

Creating detailed customer profiles 0