22.11.2022 / Webinar


Special Eloqua Release 22D

In this online session on 22nd November 2022, our guest speaker reports about a lead management project at SICK AG. Furthermore, the Like Reply experts give an overview of the Eloqua 22D release update and an insight into the Eloqua highlights as well as Oracle Cloud World 22.

20.09.2022 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 22C

Join this webinar on 20th September 2022 when the Like Reply experts explain the new features of the Eloqua 22C Release like Integration Enhancements. Our experts also give some insights on implementing forms directly in your emails and creating a GDPR-compliant Contact Deletion Concept.

23.06.2022 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 22B

The upcoming Eloqua Release 22B includes a lot of new features like Commerce and Marketing Campaign Integration, Engage Send Limits and more. Join our Like Reply experts for this webinar on 23rd June 2022. The experts present the latest features and functionalities.

24.05.2022 / Webinar


The Road to Modern Selling

Nowadays, buyers educate themselves online on their own terms and only letting you know they’re ready to buy until late in the game. Join us in this webinar on 24th May 2022 with Stäubli, Showpad and Like Reply experts to learn more about new selling models. They address the impact of Sales Enablement Tools in a concrete case study at Stäubli and share their experiences with you.

26.04.2022 / Webinar


Cookieless Future – What do you need to know?

Join the experts from Tealium and Like Reply on 26th April 2022 to learn more about a cookieless future. They address the impact of current and upcoming privacy measures and discuss solutions to target customers and prospects without relying on third-party cookies - for example implementing server-side tracking or adopting a CDP to collect analytics data.

08.03.2022 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 22A

Join this webinar on 8th March 2022 with our experts for an inside look at the new enhancements and features in the Eloqua 22A Release. Learn more about our naming generator app and Nurturing Campaign, an immersive campaign, and learn more about Lead Nurturing.

09.12.2021 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 21D

The new Eloqua 21D realease includes several new features and important updates, regarding SMS & Salesforce improvements. Join our online session with Like Reply on 9th December 2021 to learn more. Our experts also give brief insights into some new apps that could boost your campaign performance and your daily efficiency.

06.10.2021 / Webinar


iOS 15 – the Impact

Apple introduced new privacy protections that allow a better data control. This may have an impact on marketing professionals and their email marketing activities. Learn more about Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and how to adjust and measure your email programs in order to maintain email performance with the experts in our webinar on 6th October 2021.

09.03.2021 / Webinar Series


Eloqua Release Updates for effective Marketing

Eloqua has released a number of new features and updates which improve the marketing automation activities of companies. Like Reply explains in these sessions how these updates make the platform even more dynamic.