Implementation of ORACLE marketing claud at GARDNER DENVER

Discover how Gardner Denver, a world leader, implemented Oracle Marketing Cloud products for the creation of a digital strategy.


The challenge

Together with Like Reply, Gardner Denver, the global leader in flow control technology, application expertise and support services, analyzed its current marketing and lead management processes and tools. The goal was to find a solution that not only changes the traditional way of marketing, but can also be managed quickly and cost-effectively by a small team of digital marketing experts.
Oracle's Marketing Cloud products met these requirements: Eloqua was used for marketing automation, Content Marketing for collaborative content creation and the Social Cloud for implementing social strategies. In addition, Like Reply created a fully customized lead management tool for sales to manage leads and opportunities.



In Like Reply Gardner Denver has found a competent partner in the areas of management consulting, integration of cloud solutions and managed services. The team has helped the company develop digital marketing, manage lead generation, and maintain a complete vision of marketing effectiveness.

Starting with Oracle Eloqua, Gardner Denver laid the foundation for the development of a cross-channel marketing structure. Reply supported Gardner Denver with:

  • Consulting that defines the development of the person and the customer along the digital customer journey
  • the implementation and setup of Oracle Eloqua
  • the implementation of templates for e-mail and landing page
  • training the marketing team in the use of Oracle Eloqua

By customizing the Oracle Social Cloud, Gardner Denver now has a unified platform that delivers an optimized experience through listening, engagement, content creation, community management, paid media, and analysis of all the company's social media efforts.

As a global company that needs to present consistent and localized content for all activities and brands, Gardner Denver and Like Reply have chosen Oracle Content Marketing as their unique repository. With Content Marketing, Gardner Denver is now able to create, manage and localize content in standardized processes. This saves time, increases efficiency and improves the consistency of content.

By integrating Eloqua with mobile lead capture software, Gardner Denver can now monitor and manage leads generated by various marketing and sales activities. This is a major advantage, especially since the company participates in numerous trade shows and congresses around the world.

With the powerful reporting capabilities of Eloqua, Gardner Denver now has the ability to manage closed-loop reporting. This is an enormous advantage for decisions about future investments in the marketing budget.



Gardner Denver was founded more than 150 years ago and has grown through a number of trusted brands to become a global leader in flow control technology, application expertise and support services to a diverse customer base. Gardner Denver is focused on developing engineered solutions to its customers' greatest operational challenges, with a focus on absolute reliability, greater efficiency and lower energy costs wherever possible.