Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Measures that improve the positioning of websites on search engines are summarized under the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
SEO optimizes the positioning of websites, e-commerce stores, apps and much more.
This is especially important regarding the worldwide enormous relevance of search engines in the field of information retrieval.

In order to enable qualified, organic traffic through better indexing and positioning of the website in Google and other search engines and thereby generate leads and conversions, Like Reply implement SEO measures.
Our team of SEO experts will help you to improve the performance of your digital touchpoints with the end customer through the use of marketing and IT functions.

The Offering

  • Definition of a sustainable and strategic optimization concept
  • Setting up a keyword strategy
  • Creation of SEO-friendly texts
  • Provide timely and actionable guidelines for website optimization
  • Improving the semantics (from choosing the right keywords to writing content) and the structure of the website
  • Improvement of metadata and tag structure, clarity of HTML code, website performance, internal link management, number and quality of backlinks



How to index a site on GOOGLE: A SEO approach

Search engines take nothing for granted. To ensure complete indexing and optimal positioning, Like Reply adopts a solid SEO approach to define a winning strategy which can adapt to future algorithm changes.

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Best Practice

From information needs to SEO keyword strategy

Before words comes the need, which is only later translated into language. This is why we build semantic indexing of keywords once the latent and explicit information needs of users have been identified and understood.

From information needs to SEO keyword strategy 0


Best Practice

SEO Training for editorial teams and individual users: Increase traffic to your website

Enabling editorial teams to produce SEO-friendly content is an important step for a website or newspaper to improve the positioning of their content and website. Read this article to learn more about individual and team training.