PANASONIC uses Marketing Automation for a hyperconnected world

Like Reply supports clients' businesses with the planning and implementation of marketing automation strategies.

The Marketing Automation at Panasonic

Like Reply supported Panasonic in Europe in successfully completing the integration of Oracle Eloqua, the marketing automation tool used with various source systems from Panasonic. Furthermore, Like Reply supported Panasonic Europe in launching product and event campaigns in over 20 countries.

The team implemented a Single-Sign-On solution for the Panasonic portal in Europe, for Eloqua and the master database in Japan, so that each user will only need one single Panasonic ID in the future. Once the foundations were laid, Reply worked with the Panasonic marketing team in Europe to improve the definition of the customer experience strategy. A Customer Journey was designed and its implementation started.

The achieved results

The exceptionally positive results in Europe also led Panasonic Marketing in Asia-Pacific to call on Like Reply's experience and at the beginning of the year a similar solution was rolled out in three Asian countries and Australia. In just three months, the Marketing Automation Team successfully rolled out Oracle Eloqua in these four countries and implemented integrations with various systems, developing a customized solution for Customer Service with a completely new backend.