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AI for financial services

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AI assisted fraud detection

With advancing technologies simple data manipulation can now be carried out by a large number of people. Very often the recognition of these cases is difficult to be carried out or only happens after a certain delay. Latest architectures based on deep-convolutional neural networks or approaches via reinforcement learning demonstrate the ability to effectively distinguish between tempered and authentic images.

AI for Retail

Best Practice

AI Store Check: Shelf Survey at POS with just one click

"AI Store check" is an application which allows sales representatives to automatically perform shelf surveys – all they need to do is create photos of the shelves with the app and upload them to the cloud. An AI is then used to perform an analysis.


Set Sail with Google AI for business insights

The aim of the ‘Set Sail’ series is to accelerate your knowledge in the industry by inviting experts to share their insights as well as getting together, networking and having a bit of fun.

Join us in London to learn how AI and Machine Learning algorithms backed by the power of Google Cloud can be used to transform and streamline your business, and provide valuable insight to help drive sales.

Set Sail with Google AI for business insights 0