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The new challenge for Contact Centre Automation

Syskoplan Reply has developed a new customer care service using the Chatbot technologies for a leading multi-utility company. The chatbot represents a new communication channel, addressing users’ need for reliable and immediate answers made available thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Churn Management Modell of Syskoplan Reply enhances customer satisfaction

customer loyalty

Best Practice

Churn Management Modell of Syskoplan Reply enhances customer satisfaction

It’s often easier to keep existing customers than it is to win over new ones. Syskoplan Reply has designed a probability model for Churn Management, which can be used to forecast individual customer churn probability, and implemented it in a SAP HANA database using R.

Predictive Analytics

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Using relevant information from large quantities of data in a profitable way

Data is the new oil. This metaphor clearly shows the value of data, but also highlights the difficulties when it comes to using it.

Reply Voice Commerce

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Conversational Commerce Extension for SAP Customer Experience

Customers are looking for new, interactive buying experiences and offers geared to their needs. At the same time they want to make the replenishment process as efficient as possible, especially when it comes to every day products. With Reply Voice Commerce, Syskoplan Reply has developed an extension for SAP Customer Experience that precisely addresses this need for simplification, and with which language can be used as a natural communication medium.

Conversational Commerce Extension for SAP Customer Experience  0

Business Intelligence

Best Practice

Harnessing Cloud Analytics

Business Intelligence as a self-service (SSBI) for specialist departments help companies achieve more flexibility and free capacities in IT. In six months, Syskoplan Reply succeeded in making this available to an international customer with a cloud first strategy.



Best Practice

SAP Commissions for insurances

Macros Reply and Syskoplan Reply optimize the sales performance for insurance mediations through an automated calculation of performance-related commissions. To this end, they have created a best practice template to implement SAP Commissions. This template makes it possible to map a large proportion of all commission calculation regulations fast and affordably.

Reply Commerce Button

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Syskoplan Reply Commerce Button enables Digital Commerce

Even an unspectacular purchase of everyday things can be turned into a new and exciting buying experience: with the Reply Commerce Button.

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Smart Service Prototyping 0

Connected Products

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Smart Service Prototyping

Transform Ideas into Reality

The ongoing digitisation of products, services and processes means companies are facing new chances as well as risks, and challenges like exploit the chances of digitisation, develop new business models or digitise products will take centre stage.


Best Practice

Chatbot & SAP Integration

Chatbots meet Enterprise Software. Syskoplan Reply with a secure and scalable architecture takes business and customer experience to a whole new level with Bots. The solution designed by Syskoplan Reply provides design of BOT on messaging applications that are completely integrated with SAP solutions to help enterprise users to complete their end to end process in a much effortless and efficient way.

SYIOT, the innovative IoT framework 0


Best Practice

SYIOT, the innovative IoT framework

SYIOT is an innovative framework created by Syskoplan Reply, which incorporates services, devices and middleware for the Internet of Things. SYIOT use SAP software to provide all the elements necessary for the creation of vertical solutions that are secure, scalable and flexible, and based on the interaction and cooperation of connected objects.

SQM 3.0©

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SQM 3.0© – the ideal solution for the qualification, assessment, management and risk-analysis of suppliers

The operative methods companies use to manage their procurement processes have changed dramatically over the past few years. The significant opportunities provided by the Digital Transformation now need to be exploited, in order to gain the biggest possible advantage from the globalisation of the supply markets. With SQM 3.0©, Syskoplan offers companies an end-to-end instrument for the qualification of suppliers.

Marketing Automation and Personalization 0

Marketing Engagement

Best Practice

Marketing Automation and Personalization

Forward-looking marketing is characterized by complexity, creativity, technology and analysis: customers research and purchase in their own time and at their own speed. They want further information when they required it, and this to the currently relevant topic.


SAP CLOUD SOLUTION for CRM and Customer Engagement

Cloud Solutions aligned to Customer Engagement offer end-to-end enterprise processes reflecting customer insight and personalized engagement. For the best possible customer satisfaction, better customer experience and more accurate forecasting.


SAP CLOUD SOLUTION for Enterprise and Subsidiary Management

More efficiency, faster processes and increased profitability. With SAP Business ByDesign (ByD), the fully integrated on-demand business management SAP Cloud solution.


Consulting, Integration & Development

Committed to enhancing client business performance and future success, the SAP Cloud specialists from Reply concentrate on their core competencies consulting, integration and development. The SAP Cloud specialists from Reply provide you with a perfect partner close at hand to help you develop and above all implement the ideal Cloud strategy.


SAP CLOUD SOLUTION for Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management module Ariba provides employees and partners with powerful solutions to manage business in the Cloud, either with a fully integrated, end-to-end solution or as a hybrid solution combined with an existing IT infrastructure. With it, clients can look forward to appreciable efficiency enhancements and improved supply-demand matching.