Reply Commerce Button

Even an unspectacular purchase of everyday things can be turned into a new and exciting buying experience: with the Reply Commerce Button.

Shopping is increasingly being linked with terms such as “unique customer experience” or “holistic customer journey”. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about high stree​t shopping or eCommerce. Retailers and brand manufacturers are fighting to win over customers, and they are doing this by offering them unusual and inspirational shopping experiences. However, even when buying everyday things, customers always go through the same purchasing process: search, select, place in shopping basket, pay and check out. This objective of the Reply Commerce Button is to make this rather unspectacular process more exciting.

Industrialisation of the buying process

Industrialisation of the buying process for consumer goods with the Reply Commerce Button

The Reply Commerce Button is the next step on the way to industrialising the buying process. Unlike the Dash Button, the Reply Commerce Button is not just a single button for one brand, but instead it can be configured individually.

The dealers can decide themselves which products they want to link to the button. It also has the possibility to allow the consumers to choose which products and quantities are assigned to the button. Following the technical configuration, the entire buying process is reduced to a single push of a button.

What’s more, the Reply Commerce Button can also work as an impulse channel, if the button is placed close to the product.

Digitising the buying process

The possibilities of digitising the buying process with the Reply Commerce Button are only just emerging

Consumers will be wary of using technology-driven functions such as automated check-outs initially. However, the study completed by Reply in the summer of 2016 on customer retention has shown that technologies, which sounded like science fiction a few years ago, are now being accepted by many customers.

The commerce platforms behind the Reply Commerce Button deal with all technical and legal aspects. These platforms provide various items of information on the current buying process. This means simple feedback can be provided directly via the button, such as showing a green confirmation light or tactile confirmation, for example. At the same time, consumers will be provided further items of information, such as the current product price or the expected delivery date – in a mobile app or by e-mail.

The future

The future starts today

Automated procurement will be the next step. Only a small step is needed to move from the reduction of the buying process for consumables to a single push of a button, to a completely automated procurement process.

The Reply Commerce Button is already connected as a device to the commerce platforms via the Internet of Things (IoT) using Reply’s own cloud-based IoT platform: machines equipped with sensors can trigger follow-up orders directly, as soon as they notice their consumables are running out.

The Reply Commerce Buttons

Reply has developed Commerce Buttons with preconfigured integration for SAP Hybris Commerce, Shopware Commerce and other leading commerce platforms. This allows to satisfy all the clients' needs.