Macros Reply and Syskoplan Reply optimize the sales performance for insurance mediations through an automated calculation of performance-related commissions.

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In Germany, a legally compliant advice that addresses the needs of the policyholders is mandatory for the professional sale of insurance products like liability or legal expenses insurances.

Usually, the advice is provided by independently working sales representatives who are paid on a commission basis measured by successfully mediated contracts. The commission values are measured by key figures such as paid insurance contributions, the insurance duration, or the total sum of all payments ever made.


The respectively applicable contractual regulations between sales representatives and insurers, which identify the correct calculation of the amount of a claim to a commission, are extremely complicated and to a large extent not standardized. Admittedly, two-thirds of all regulations adhere to a simple pattern of evaluation totals and a percentage commission rate, but the remaining commission calculations (for example for special remuneration or also cancellation liability) are usually very complex.

For this reason, the use of simple table documents is inadequate and commission calculation programs tailored to the individual contract must be used. Another driver of the complexity is the further development of remuneration regulations upon concluding new mediation contracts and the associated necessary mapping of older but still valid historic commission regulations.


SAP Commissions is an established solution that completely meets the requirements for mapping complicated plans and settlement patterns. It permits highly flexible organization mapping and connection to modern information and payroll accounting systems.

As a result, always keeping commission-relevant data and regulations up-to-date and supporting the so-called "book excerpt" required according to German sales representative law is possible.


Macros Reply and Syskoplan Reply have developed a best practice template in close cooperation to implement SAP Commissions. The collaboration combines the knowledge from over two decades of digitalization advice in the insurance sector on the part of Macros Reply with the know-how of the Syskoplan SAP CX specialists.

By using templates, about two-thirds of all regulations for commission calculation can be quickly and affordably structured in a standardized procedure. It permits agile changing and adding of regulation sections to include new legal requirements and take changing technical standards into account. Therefore, in this way, shorter project times, lower costs, faster objective implementation and the latest technical standards for the company can be guaranteed in the insurance sector.


SAP Commissions is a cloud-based end-to-end solution that automates the remuneration processes from the conclusion of the insurance contract up to the payment for direct and indirect sales employees.

SAP Commissions also allows complicated settlement systems and regulations to be implemented by low-code programming in an efficient, time-saving and flexible manner. As a result, new statutory or contractual requirements and changing technical standards can be implemented faster and more affordably. A flexible connection to all standard information systems and full scalability of the resources needed are intrinsic advantages of SAP Commissions as a cloud solution.


SAP Commissions offers full access to the SAP Analytics Cloud. The full functional scope of the SAP Analytics Engine and a large number of proven templates are available. Consequently, settlements can be configured to be more comprehensible and representatives can also be better informed within the contractual settlement periods about their current sales performance.


The dashboard of the SAP Analytics Cloud offers SAP Commissions users the option of accessing all important steps of commission calculation, notifying quota fulfillment and presenting all leading key performance figures in a visually appealing design. As a result of constantly updating data connections, users always remain up-to-date everywhere and can also retrieve the most important figures via mobile means. This results in a more transparent settlement process for sales representatives.



For highly complex commission calculations that go beyond the template, it makes sense first to implement the complex regulations of the insurer on the basis of detailed advice by the Syskoplan Reply experts and based on this to create additional regulation modules with reduced requirements.

All implementation steps are always supported by the experts of Macros Reply and Syskoplan Reply. Consequently, apart from the technical implementation, professional advice can also always be guaranteed.

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    Syskoplan Reply

    Syskoplan Reply, specialized in consulting services and the implementation of SAP technologies, is gearing its offers towards customers that are preparing for the future and use SAP solutions as the core digital platform for their company. Syskoplan Reply uses the latest SAP technologies such as SAP Leonardo, SAP Cloud Platform and enterprise applications such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP SCM, SAP SRM and SAP Analytics to implement solutions for its customers. The Digital Experience is a core area of expertise of Syskoplan Reply with the SAP C4/HANA Customer Experience Portfolio, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, Mobile and SAP Fiori.

  • Macros Reply

    Macros Reply is an expert in digitalization and automation of business processes for insurance companies and financial service providers. In order to meet their high standards, Macros Reply develops flexible and configurable software for the core functionalities, enhanced with solutions from selected, tested and long-term partners. Using innovative technologies such as Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning, Macros Reply helps its customers in their transformation into modern, fast acting companies: Relieve the processing from routine work and support value-adding activities, with benefits for the customer in significantly reduced processing times. Macros Reply also stands for: ECM, transaction processing & DMS, distribution rules, workflow & process management, eFiles and ePostboxes, and archiving.