How to index a site on GOOGLE: The Like Reply SEO approach


Nothing is taken for granted on search engines. To ensure complete indexing and optimal positioning, Like Reply adopts a solid SEO approach to define a winning strategy that can adapt to future algorithm changes.

With the appropriate SEO tools, users can be provided with content and an experience that meet their information needs. In doing so, the foundations for a website's search engine ranking can be laid. To achieve this objective, you need to take a step back from individual activities, as the competitive environment and the Google algorithm are constantly changing. Moreover, by its very nature, SEO takes longer to update than paid activities and for this reason needs continuous analysis and monitoring.


Like Reply approaches SEO as a cyclical path composed of three stages

The Like Reply team analyses the first and third party data to provide a complete overview of the reference market, main competitors and the website. This allows them to identify the strategic keywords to be monitored, the technical optimisations to be made and new ideas for developing the content strategy.

The Like Reply team works on all activities related to information needs and keywords, from optimising title tags and meta descriptions to categorising content, and editing and optimising texts from an SEO perspective

The Like Reply team explores all technical aspects, including optimising HTML code with the definition of attention-grabbing heading tags, the use of tags to facilitate site indexing, performance improvement and budget crawl optimisation.

The Like Reply team uses its skills and experience during the analysis phase to evaluate the website as a touchpoint to be optimised within the company's entire digital ecosystem. Hence, when they propose an SEO strategy, they also evaluate any correlations with other areas of digital marketing, such as SEA, analytics, CRO, social networks and marketing automation. For example, there are synergies between SEO and SEA when it comes to quality scoring: one of the factors influencing the score, which in turn impacts the final KPIs of the campaign, is the landing page experience, which identifies the extent to which the website is able to provide users with what they were hoping to see after clicking on the ad. Detailed SEO activity allows Like Reply to improve this setting, positively affecting the CPC and generating more traffic for the same budget. Another area where the team applies SEO concepts is social networks. By means of appropriate settings, they can determine whether content will be previewed and when it will be shared on social channels, and decide on the image, title and description. This allows them to drive and control what content users will share on social media.