Existing information systems are already creating massive amounts of data, isn’t it about time we put this data to work for us?
LEA Reply™ Visibility is a cross-company, cross-platform solution that transforms data from multiple sources into actionable information to empower decision-making.


Increasingly intricate global networks, consumers that expect personalised interactions with their favourite brands, and competitors that are only a click away. These are just some of the forces that are driving the need for new levels of supply chain visibility and intelligence.

LEA Reply™ Visibility is the solution to gain next level supply chain visibility.
The visibility system orchestrates data collection and elaboration over the entire supply chain ecosystem connecting points-of-sale, suppliers, production, warehouses and DCs to enable near real-time information sharing with the final aim of providing the right information to the right actor, at the right time.


Data Capture:

The data capture layer of the visibility system manages data ingestion and processes payloads. It can manage a multitude of different formats, validating and standardising the data to produce a stream of events.


In the elaboration phase, the data stream is processed in milliseconds and transformed into useful information. The data is enriched with information from different sources to identify meaningful patterns and relationships in the stream. Microservices designed to fullfil specific business needs can then subscribe to the stream. Each microservice captures and transforms the flow of enriched data into valuable business information that serves one specific business need, such as aggregated movements, real-time stock and aggregated stock.

Information Exposition:

In the information exposition layer, this information is exposed to decision support systems via web APIs that enable real-time queries e.g. from dynamic order management, replenishment or certification systems.


LEA Reply™ Visibility offers the following benefits:

  • Operational Efficiency

    The tracking of supply chain data and events allows companies to make purposeful decisions and to react quickly and cost effectively. For example, visibility over supplier workloads allows for better distribution of new orders, reducing lead times and impacting operational efficiency business goals. Additionally, the identification of bottlenecks and more accurate forecasting, reduce waste and the need for safety stock. This ultimately leads to better product availability in stores and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Enrich Customer Experiences across Channels

    LEA Reply™ Visibility can help companies manage their relationships with customers in a seamless way across channels. It can provide insights about a customer’s browsing behaviour and purchase history, supporting companies to provide targeted recommendations and promotions and personalised in-store experiences.

  • Communicate Sustainable Business Practices

    Monitor and certify the provenance of goods and promote the use of ethical suppliers and sustainable materials and processes.

  • Protect Brand Image and Reputation

    Visibility helps prevent counterfeit items from entering the market and discourages illicit distribution, diluting brand value.

  • Simplify Compliance & Regulations Management

    The capabilities enabled by LEA Reply™ Visibility can also provide streamlined ways of certifying compliance. For example, by tracking temperature ranges during the transport of food or medicines, companies can certify compliance to specific industry standards. Additional benefits include simplified customs and duty calculations through the exact monitoring of component origins, and in case of product recalls, for example in the automotive industry, intelligent tracking of components may narrow the scope of the recall through a more precise identification of impacted goods, without needing to remove entire production batches from the market.


On-demand logistic solution

LEA Reply™ is warehouse management, visibility, scheduling, cross docking, smart tracking and point-of-sale logistics.