LEA Reply™ Store Logistics is designed for businesses in the fashion sector that rely on RFID technology to tag and track their products. Enabling companies to streamline their multichannel management, providing end-customers with a consistent and coordinated experience between the e-Commerce channel and the physical store. The key to achieving this lies in the ability to manage different logistic flows, including in-store, with high reliability of product availability.


LEA Reply™ Store Logistics is designed for companies operating in the Fashion sector that manage their own Supply Chain, from production to sale in dedicated stores (direct or franchising). These companies recognise RFID technology as a tool that facilitates operational efficiency, reliable monitoring and traceability of goods and as an enabler for new services offered to end customers.

LEA Reply™ Store Logistics is designed around the needs and activities typical of the Fashion industry, including both clothing and accessories. It is a simple and unobtrusive solution, easily adoptable to in-store environments thanks to the support of multiple devices, including PC registers, tablets and smartphones.

The use of touch screens and the clear interface based on KPIs and dashboards (which have been specially designed to make them easy to use in-store) help minimise the need for writing or research on the part of the sales assistant.

For large-scale retail outlets, the solution relies on fixed RFID readers and antennas, as well as on industrial terminals for supporting stockroom operations relating to receiving packages and goods delivery notes from the central logistics hub. Originally designed for stores, the solution also covers showrooms and proximity warehouses and, more generally, scenarios in which there is a need to track individual products, quickly and reliably.

The cloud-based solution is available to the customer immediately using a simple internet connection, and is therefore ideal for quickly and effectively integrating other stores in different geographical areas and continents. Cloud technology also reduces management overhead costs and complexity associated with infrastructure required at the point of sale, while ensuring the same level of usability and sales support even in the event of internet connection interruptions.


LEA Reply™ Store Logistics makes it possible to track, in real-time, the physical handling of goods using RFID tags and to enhance the visibility and monitoring of inventory in stores or in showrooms.


  • Receiving: automated package/ASN recognition based on the tags read, identification of shipment discrepancies, alignment of external systems with actual shipments
  • Assisted transfer: accurate tracking of the movement of products within the various zones of a store, to and from the store’s warehouse and to other stores
  • Inventory: periodic inventory by area or by aggregation of items (e.g. by model, category, etc.) using mobile devices with benefits in terms of speed and reduced closing days
  • Sales: unloading of the physical inventory of products sold. The destruction or deactivation of RFID tags takes place using a reader pad connected to the cash register system
  • Returns: loading of the physical inventory for returned products (creation or reactivation of RFID tags)
  • Omnichannel: tracking at the individual item level (using RFID tags) also enables the sustainable management of inventory in stores with booked stock, reserved stock and different physical flows of the goods, thus preventing sales and inventory handling errors


LEA Reply™ Store Logistics offers simple and effective dashboards to monitor transactions and verify the physical inventory by store, geographic area, or other aggregate parameters.

In particular, the solution facilitates:

  • Activity progress: operations in progress (inventories, deliveries, etc.) can be viewed in real-time to verify their progress, as well as the resource requirements
  • Product verification by area: the system makes it possible to determine the physical location of each item, and therefore its availability in the current store or in nearby stores, by area or organisation
  • Display checking: the ability to track the handling of products based on reading the RFID tags, allows users to check the completeness of stock levels in the shop window and on the sales floor, as compared with the physically available stock or assortment based on category management
  • Omnichannel management: the dashboards provide visibility of the actual availability of stock, taking into consideration the different physical flows of products and the management of reserved and booked items


LEA Reply™ Store Logistics offers the following benefits:

  • Rapid start-up: thanks to the Cloud technology, the solution is quickly accessible both in direct stores, and in franchise shops for different geographical areas
  • Minimal operational impact: strong attention to usability by store personnel on any device – and thanks to the use of RFID tags, counts and inventories can be executed quickly to provide accurate stock quantity updates.
  • Maximum efficiency: facilitates frequent and accurate inventory counts, with economic benefits in terms of availability monitoring and a reduction in closing days
  • Maximum visibility and monitoring of stock levels: accurate and timely measurement allows the distribution of stock to be analysed by physical areas, grouped into geographic zones
  • Better customer service: a reduction in stock shortages and rapid restocking, for increased sales and customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of unsold and stolen stock: accurate tracking of inventory movement from stores and proximity warehouses, reducing theft – and increasing sales through greater visibility and reliability of data available
  • Sustainability of omnichannel processes: tracking using tags makes it possible to easily manage products in different logical states within the store (e.g. reserved for a customer, booked, etc.) without worsening performance and reducing sales


On-demand logistic solution

LEA Reply™ is warehouse management, visibility, scheduling, cross docking, smart tracking and point-of-sale logistics.