Salesforce redefines automotive

The automotive industry is currently undergoing major change. Not only are sales processes being redefined, but customer acquisition and communication are also being reinvented. Salesforce has recognized this and now offers a tailored industry solution for the automotive sector.

The Salesforce Automotive Cloud 

New sales models, digital after-sales or even electromobility… the automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation which requires a solution to successfully facilitate the process and capitalise on the opportunities. With many years of experience in the automotive sector and many successful projects with customers, Salesforce has now developed a tailored solution for this - the Salesforce Automotive Cloud. A solution that seamlessly brings together customer, vehicle and manufacturer and takes the customer experience to the next level. As one of the few Salesforce Automotive Expert Partners worldwide, we are pleased to roll out this solution with our customers. 

Automotive Cloud Key FEatures

The industry-specific Automotive Cloud brings a set of ready-made features you need to be more efficient and effective, offering solutions based on your Automotive specific data models and processes. Salesforce has collaborated with customers, subject matter experts and industry bodies to built features which meet the evolving needs of OEMs and Dealers.

OEMs and dealers can comprehensively capture all the lead information relevant to the automotive buying journey with an enhanced lead model, built to the Auto-lead Data Format (ADF) industry standard. For example, the ability to record a lead’s preferred dealer and the latest date in which they are interested in transacting will ensure actions occur at the right time and right place, resulting in improved lead quality and conversion.

All stakeholders in the automotive ecosystem can get a 360° view of a vehicle and history (such as manufacturing, sales, maintenance, warranty and other relevant data based on customer interactions). This unification of vehicle and customer data makes it possible to take action to optimise customer and vehicle lifetime value.

Build a complete view of your customer within an automotive context, with the ability to model households and other users who share access to a vehicle. Key moments in a customer's relationship with their car can be defined and captured to give a complete history of purchase and ownership.

Service Console will enable vehicle data to be integrated into contact centre, giving service agents a 360 view of both customer and vehicle and the ability to serve customers faster, be it booking a service appointment or arranging roadside assistance.

Automotive Cloud’s DPM (Dealer Performance Management) capabilities enable OEMs to have a clear real-time picture of dealer performance, with visibility of the vehicles, parts, and accessories which retailers have sold. OEMs can utilise this data to define and share volume agreements, sales manager targets, and dealer incentives which maximise dealer performance. Embedded analytics provide easy-to-digest dashboards so that dealer performance data can be used to identify the best-performing strategies and dealers.


The customer and vehicle sit at the centre of Automotive Cloud which will enable automotive stakeholders to meet the evolving expectations and higher standards which customers are now demanding in their buying journeys. Delivering a more relevant and responsive omni-channel experience will connect with customers on deeper level and enable brands to foster a lifetime of loyalty.


Built on Salesforce Customer 360 Platform
Extends the power of Salesforce Core, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud

Designed for Automotive Industry
Provides an automotive-specific data model and pre-built business processes and workflows

Reduced Cost of Customization
Brings fast time to value and constant innovation with new releases per year

Individual expansion and interfaces to other corresponding industries and systems


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    As one of the few Salesforce Automotive Expert Partners worldwide, Arlanis Reply has years of experience in Salesforce consulting and implementation for a wide range of customers in the automotive industry.
    As well as a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants, Reply offers best practice of automotive industry and effective delivery options, which can help clients to control the costs of concepts and implementation. All projects can be carried out either in Reply’s ISO / TISAX -certified offices spaces or on the client’s premises – or using a combination of both options. As part of the Reply Group, Arlanis Reply can call upon the knowledge of other experts in the fields cyber-security, app development, IoT, systems integration and other innovative disciplines where necessary, thereby offering maximum value to its clients. Our deep knowledge of the automotive industry worldwide helps ensure that the solutions comply with all relevant standards and local regulations.

  • Arlanis Reply specializes in consulting, planning, developing and integrating Salesforce solutions and services. Arlanis Reply provides market leaders with seamlessly integrated solutions for all customer related processes for sales, marketing and services – from the initial contact to the long-term service business. Arlanis Reply configures all common Salesforce components such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud or App Cloud, or adds individual programming with Heroku if required. With Mulesoft, Arlanis Reply provides an integration technology which allows you to develop, build, analyse, manage and monitor APIs and custom point-to-point integrations.