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About us

4brands Reply is the industry expert for the consumer goods industry within the Reply Group. So that this can keep pace with the digital transformation, 4brands Reply looks at the individual value chain. In a holistic approach, the team supports a sustainable transformation process based on innovative IT technologies. Specifically, the offer includes both process consulting and system integration.

4brands Reply always focuses on the consumer, with the aim of creating a unique customer experience. In the implementation, the team relies on agile project methods based on Scrum. As a result, the requirement descriptions can be short and sweet from the user's point of view and prioritized and potential functional or technical changes flow into the development early and continuously.

As part of the Reply Group, 4brands Reply also has access to a comprehensive portfolio and the know-how of over 15,000 experts.


We are hiring

We are always on the search for enthusiasts who want to question the existing, try out new ideas and achieve exciting goals by working together.


This is what 4brands Reply stands for

We combine industry expertise and competence in technological innovation with modern working methods.



Creating customer experiences is an important success factor in sales and marketing. The customer experience experts at 4brands Reply support the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

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Changes in markets, in the global economy and new technological achievements are completely redefining the competitive field. To meet these challenges, 4brands Reply offers expertise and project experience for individual solutions with SAP S/4HANA in the consumer goods industry.

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In the consumer goods industry, supply chain management is all about managing the logistics chain, from suppliers to customers, so that desired products arrive at the right place at the right time. With holistic technical solutions 4brands Reply takes the supply chain in the consumer goods industry to a new level.

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Data-driven companies are the future. It is crucial to integrate all internal and external data sources via an intelligent data platform. The data platform and analytics experts of 4brands Reply help to build the data basis for analyses and support the generation of real insights from the data.

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Webinar Series

Smart solutions for the consumer goods industry

The webinars of the 4brands Reply experts provide insight into smart solutions for the consumer goods industry. Choose between different topics along the digital value chain.

Smart solutions for the consumer goods industry 

17.03.2023 - 21.04.2023 / Webinar series


Revenue Growth Management: Next Level Sales Planning

In this webinar series, the experts from 4brands Reply show you the potential of value generation using modern, data-driven and holistic sales planning applications for key account management.



Our app on SAP® Store

Raise sales potential with real-time perfect store analytics & on-demand retail execution with smartREX. The FMCG-tailored solution from 4brands Reply is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. 

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Our app on SAP® Store 0

Customer Experience

Case Study

Bitburger creates a unique and personalized brand experience

During the European Football Championship, the Bitburger brewery group is relying on a comprehensive omnichannel campaign that focuses on direct contact with fans. This is made possible by a pioneering solution from 4brands Reply.

Bitburger creates a unique and personalized brand experience  0

SAP Sales Cloud

Case Study


In-keeping with the well-known slogan “Quality in a Square", the family-owned company, together with 4brands Reply, is setting its sights on digital and future-oriented sales with the SAP Sales Cloud.


Digital Experience


Leader in Digital Experience Services for four years in a row

Reply once again achieved a top ranking in this year's study by the market research company Lünendonk.

Artificial Intelligence

Best Practice

Simulation of consumer behavior with Generative AI and synthetic data

How to take the marketing of consumer goods to a new level with the help of synthetic data.

Simulation of consumer behavior with Generative AI and synthetic data 0



Top ranking for Reply in SAP-related services

The PAC RADAR by teknowlogy is a tool for holistic evaluation and visual positioning of software and ICT service providers on local markets. The PAC RADAR "Leading Providers of SAP Services in Germany 2022" rates Reply as "Best in Class" provider for SAP CX-related services and as "Excellent" for SAP S/4 HANA-related services.

eFood Boom

White Paper

Potentials with Price Sensing

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, i.e. daily consumption goods characterised by rapid rotation, has experienced a significant shift towards online purchases (eFood) due to the Corona pandemic. In this whitepaper, 4brands Reply shows in a two-part approach how Price Sensing provides added value for Trade Promotion Management & Optimization, Demand Planning & Sensing and Perfect Store.

Agile project methodology

White Paper

Customer-centric success with Scrum

Today's competitive environment has become faster, more impatient and more technical. It is necessary to make progress quickly, reviewing and adapting it without sacrificing quality. 4brands Reply takes advantage of the Scrum agile project methodology to dynamically and flexibly deliver results with the highest value.

01.12.2022 / Webinar Series


Cloud Experiences with SAP

Digital change creates opportunities, but also new requirements and challenges. In these knowledge sharing sessions Reply presents SAP’s cloud solutions for current requirements. Reply experts explain how to make business, data, contact and communication with customers more efficient using AI and cloud solutions from SAP.

Customer Experience Management

White Paper

Reply Routes

Sales reps spend a major part of their time in the car on the way to the customer or at the customer. With Reply Routes, 4brands Reply has developed a flexible route planner that optimizes and automates the regular planning of routes to be driven. This allows sales potential to be fully exploited. The smart solution can be integrated into different CRM systems and can be used on various devices.

Reply Routes 0


White Paper

Smart Retail Execution

IoT in touch with the stationary retail takes field service processes to the next level. The smartREX software solution developed by 4brands Reply uses smart shelf technologies to optimize visit control in the field service. When planning their routes, sales representatives are also supported by the intelligent route planning system Reply Routes.

Smart Retail Execution 0

AI for Retail

Best Practice

AI Store Check: Shelf Survey at POS with just one click

"AI Store check" is an application which allows sales representatives to automatically perform shelf surveys – all they need to do is create photos of the shelves with the app and upload them to the cloud. An AI is then used to perform an analysis.



Sales & Operations Planning with a RECIPE for success

To take supply chain processes in the consumer goods industry to the next level, 4brands Reply developed the RECIPE solution, a fully integrated business planning solution with holistic coordination in the areas of supply chain, sales and controlling. With the comprehensive consulting package, the implementation of SAP IBP for Sales & Operations Planning succeeds in just a few weeks.

Sales & Operations Planning with a RECIPE for success 0

Price Sensing


Smart insights into consumer prices

The competitive environment of consumer goods producers is often shaped by the end consumer price. If price information is both comprehensively recorded and managed directly in the company, both supply chain demand and promotion activities can be optimized in the long term. 4brands Reply offers a suitable solution with Smart Pricing, without third-party providers.

Customer Experience Management

Best Practice

Automation in Tour Planning

Sales representatives spend many hours every day travelling to customers. In order to increase the efficiency and the degree of automation of route planning, 4brands Reply developed a tour planning solution that enables a complete integration of data into different CRM platforms and supports both cloud systems such as SAP Customer Experience and on-premise systems.

Automation in Tour Planning 0

RPA & Web Scraping

Best Practice

Analysing Online Menus

One of the important building blocks in sales is identifying and finding new customers. 4brands Reply and Macros Reply have facilitated the acquisition of new restaurant customers for a client. With the help of RPA and web scraping, previously tedious manual work was automated.

Analysing Online Menus 0



Impact analysis: How is the consumer goods industry responding to Coronavirus?

Reply leverages Data and Analytics to gain insights into the development of the Coronavirus pandemic and how it impacts society, consumers and industries. This report focusses on the changes in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak.

UPDATED AS AT 06 April 2020

Award Winning Solution

Best Practice

Smart glasses in use: efficient data acquisition for shelf surveys at the point of sale using data glasses

With Smart Glasses and the Android based App, sales representatives can detect the status quo easily and faster at POS: they have their hands free and the products will be shown in the right sequence. Now, they save time and benefit from the information gathered during the visit, which is more reliable than the current process. Furthermore, they can identify abnormalities on the shelf more easily.


Best Practice

A first step towards a cloud platform at a leading wholesaler

A leading wholesaler has chosen a new approach to more efficient customer management with the support of 4brands Reply: The path went from an on-premise to a CRM solution based on SAP C/4 HANA Sales Cloud.

A first step towards a cloud platform at a leading wholesaler 0

Price and condition management

Case Study

With 4brands Reply, Zentis streamlines pricing models to enhance sales and financial functions

Zentis achieves automation and transparency to better calculate pricing models for customers. Complex pricing models were creating excessive work and complexity for the sales and account teams at Zentis, driving it to identify an optimised IT solution. SAP Business Warehouse provides a homogeneous database that simulates conditional scenarios to support Zentis in planning pricing models with its clients.

With 4brands Reply, Zentis streamlines pricing models to enhance sales and financial functions 0

CRM for Retail

Case Study

Rotkaeppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien: fit for the future with Reply

The elegant bottles in the sparkling wine cellars of Rotkaeppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien represent a unique success story for the leader in the German sparkling wine market. To help maintain its position, the company has replaced its previous CRM solution with the leading consumer goods customer management and mobility software platform implemented by 4brands Reply.

Rotkaeppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien fit for the future with Reply 0

Smart Production Planning

Case Study

Avoiding production bottlenecks

For Peter Kölln GmbH & Co. KGaA an inaccurate raw material planning is now a thing of the past. 4brands Reply has developed for the former Köllnflockenwerke a smart solution for multi-stage production planning based on SAP APO.

Case Study Kölln Flocken

Connected Shelf

Best Practice

IoT at the Supermarket: the intelligent and connected shelf

Empty shelves, a shop filled with customers and no resupply in sight: Every retailer's nightmare. Empty shelves frustrate shoppers and lead to sales losses for manufacturers and retailers, which amount to roughly one billion Euro a year according to current studies. 4brands Reply is developing the "connected shelf" – an intelligent, fully-networked shelf.


Best Practice

Integration of category management within the SAP Netweaver landscape

Category Management is a time-consuming process, that keeps CM employees from focusing on tasks actually assigned to them. Mapping Efficient Consumer Response to an integrated SAP system landscape In the CM area, 4brands Reply provides the solution.

Design Thinking

Best Practice

Design for Innovation

A room for innovations, designed to stimulate creativity and create sustainable solutions.

Germany - Reply's Design Thinking Labs for INDUSTRY 4.0 and DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION provide spaces for co-creative developments in interdisciplinary teams to develop innovative products, solutions, services and business models based on groundbreaking technology.

03.04.2020 / German Language


Making better Decisions: Analysis and Reporting in the Consumer Goods Industry

In this webinar held by 4brands Reply attendees have learnt why transparency of your business processes and the right insights into company data are important to make better decisions.

A partner for implementation



As a GS1 Solution Partner, 4brands Reply has access to an extensive and competent network of service providers and get information on the development of standards early on. Our customers profit from suatinable solutions, based on GS1, ready to use solutions along the entire value chain and enhanced investment security due to project experience over many years.

PSA4Sales Template

Best Practice

PSA4Sales – The well-established industry solution for trade management

To enable brand manufacturers to plan their distribution and marketing activities in a more targeted manner, 4brands Reply developed an innovative industry solution for SAP customers, which it is further developing on an ongoing basis.

Product App

Best Practice

The 4brands Reply product app: mobile marketing at point of sale

With ProduktAPP, a 4brands Reply GmbH & Co. KG application, marketing staff at consumer goods manufacturers can prepare production information for consumers in a way that allows it to be accessed on the Web via product barcodes or straight off the shelf. A dialog with the consumer can be carried on via a cellphone, whenever and wherever the consumer wants.




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