Legacy Systems


Evolution of a Legacy System for business and regulatory adjustments

Legacy systems in the financial sector: here are the main critical issues to be addressed and the opportunities to be seized in the IT world.

Evolution of a Legacy System for business and regulatory adjustments 0
Reengineering of a ETL Banking process 0

Banking Innovation


Reengineering of a ETL Banking process

In the context of one of the main Italian banks, the Digital Inside project was developed in order to satisfy the strengthening of the transmission channel of heterogeneous flows, from the Subsidiaries to the Parent Company and the automation of the normalization and standardization phases of the data, following the quality check phases on data previously loaded into the system.

Tailor-Made Analytics Solution 0


Best Practice

Tailor-Made Analytics Solution

Technology Reply designs custom analytics solutions based on microservices architectures.


Best Practice


Technology Reply, the first Italian certified Oracle OPN Specialized Platinum Partner, over the years has supported and continues to actively support an important Italian banking reality in its programme of compliance with the current European regulations, through the use of Oracle technology for the development and integration of back-end engines that enable compliance checks with the latest regulations in the financial and advisory field.

AI-Powered Web Accessibility Tool 0

Generative AI


AI-Powered Web Accessibility Tool

​Web Accessibility: A Generative AI-Based Tool for Monitoring, Navigating, and Identifying Errors​

Generative AI


Data Platform: uses of Generative AI

We illustrate an application of Generative AI used to query a Data Platform powered by hybrid sources.

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An app monitoring tool AWS Cloudwatch RUM 0



An app monitoring tool: AWS Cloudwatch RUM

AWS CloudWatch RUM provides instant visibility into frontend application performance (loading time and error count), resolving issues, cutting costs, and facilitating scalability. Integrating it is simple and it has intuitive dashboards. Experience demonstrates its value, especially when used in synergy with other AWS services

Cloud providers and emerging platforms 0



Cloud providers and emerging platforms

The adoption of the serverless model, which is a software development approach that allows applications to be deployed without worrying about the underlying infrastructure, is continuously growing and has become a well-established reality in enterprise application development as well. The current range of services and platforms includes solutions for a wide range of use cases that Technology Reply Financial Services deals with on a daily basis.


Best Practice

Digital Transformation in Public Administration: How Appian Revolutionizes Process Management

In the digital age, ensuring efficiency and transparency in Public Administration is crucial. Technology Reply provides a new approach to transform governmental processes. With the Appian partnership, a leader in technological innovation, we address the needs of modern public administration.

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Monitor Consob 0


Best Practice

Monitor Consob

The new application created by Technology Reply allows to manage report generation requests containing data needed for the purpose of periodic audits that were previously generated manually by retrieving data through the execution of various stored procedures.


Case Study

Technology Reply DataHub 2.0

Technology Reply is a consolidated partner of Oracle in the use of Oracle SOA and BPM Suite products. In implementing these integration and business process digitization projects, we realized that it could be useful for our Clients to have a single, simplified console in which to perform the most frequent actions.

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Acceleration of Processes in the NPL Sector

Operational Transformation in the NPL Sector: The Power of ML and AI in Accelerating Document Analysis.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 0

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Best Practice

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Management of Corporate Identities and Access to Cloud Resources and Services through the Identity & Access Management (IAM) Module

modular refactoring of backoffice application


Modular refactoring for back office application using Angular framework

Technology Reply - Financial Services has developed a POC for the redevelopment of an application through the use of iFrame capable of integrating pages written in Angular in a modular and progressive way.

Modular refactoring for back office application using Angular framework 0
TECMA Digital Transformation nel Real Estate grazie alla Business Software Suite 0

Digital Transformation

Case Study

TECMA: Digital Transformation nel Real Estate grazie alla Business Software Suite

TECMA is a tech company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange that offers innovative solutions for real estate, simplifying sales and property management through a platform that supports real estate agents and end customers. Technology Reply is the official System Integrator of the platform TECMA BSS.

Personal data


Smart Onboarding

Smart onboarding simplifies data sharing with external companies through banking consent, ensuring security and simplicity

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Connected Vehicle Data Migration 0

Data Migration

Best Practice

Connected Vehicle Data Migration

Technology Reply handled the migration to the analytics platform dedicated to the data hosting and logic for the calculation of relevant indicators, related to the world of connected vehicles.

Clustering with AI

Clustering with AI

Log analysis using machine learning offers an efficient approach for application maintenance.

Clustering with AI 0
From mainframe to microservices 0

Microservices, Offloading


From mainframe to microservices

Technology Reply has developed microservices to take advantage of the benefits of data offloading.


Best Practice

MySQL Operator for Kubernetes

A technology that allows making MySQL databases stateful within a Kubernetes cluster

MySQL Operator for Kubernetes 0
Streaming Data Ingestion, from the batch model to real-time 0

Streaming Data Ingestion


Streaming Data Ingestion, from the batch model to real-time

Traditional software architecture in financial services uses batch processes to manage data, but the need for data freshness pushes towards real-time streaming. In this article we show use cases of Offloading and Data Integration in near-real time, to reduce costs and improve data access.



Microservices architectures in infrastructure cloudization

Introduction to the cloudization of microservices applications with some considerations on the pros and cons

Microservices architectures in infrastructure cloudization 0
Supply Chain Global Lakehouse 0

Supply Chain

Best Practice

Supply Chain Global Lakehouse

The design of the Global Lakehouse began with the creation of a Data Platform dedicated to the Supply Chain department, to reach the goal of unearth the entire logistical life cycle of the car, from the issue of purchase order to the delivery of the product to the final customer. The main purpose was the design of a solution to perform business analysis on a series of key KPIs of interest.

Low-code approach


Low-code and flexibility: a new combination for the changing needs of the financial market.

The post-pandemic world has seen a strong push towards the digitization of business processes, setting new standards for adapting to changing market conditions. In this scenario, the Low-Code approach allows the end user to directly update processes and interfaces, bypassing demand management mechanisms and going live in real time.

Low-code and flexibility a new combination for the changing needs of the financial market. 0