Technology Reply DataHub 2.0

The idea

Technology Reply is a consolidated partner of Oracle in the use of Oracle SOA and BPM Suite products. In implementing these integration and business process digitization projects, we realized that it could be useful for our Clients to have a single, simplified console in which to perform the most frequent actions. We observed the greatest difficulties mainly when Business users had to interact with the BPEL processes of the SOA Suite or with the BPM processes.

Thus was born the idea of accompanying the classic product consoles with a customized web console that would allow all users to take advantage of the potential of the Oracle Suite through a single interface that condensed all the main functionalities in one point.

Working in EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) environments, we observed the need to have a tool that could act as a "star center" between the various systems and environments that make up the ecosystem of a modern corporate information system. The goal was to simplify the development of integration flows, avoiding having to implement the same logic multiple times by centralizing it in a single tool that acted as a "dispatcher" of data according to the business logics defined in the analysis phase. In this way, the complexity of the flows is reduced, also facilitating their monitoring and maintenance.

From all this comes the "Technology Reply DataHub" solution with the dual purpose of acting as a web console for Command & Control of flows/processes and as a "Hub of data" exchanged between the various processes/systems: users can define their subscription rules based on context (therefore with filters on the individual values of the individual attributes of a specific entity), they can monitor the execution of their processes through profiling for individual users or groups, they can start or stop a process, also changing the execution parameters, they can configure automatic scheduling through a CRON expression to make the processes completely automatic. They can also view any errors detected by the processes, deciding how to act to retry, stop the process, ignore the data that generated the error, let the process continue on another sequence of operations.

Version 2.0

In view of continuous technological evolution, 2023 saw the birth of version 2.0 of the Technology Reply DataHub: the User Experience and User Interface were improved by rationalizing all FrontEnd functionalities, simplifying its use also thanks to the valuable feedback from our customers who use our product daily.

At the same time, we also reviewed and re-engineered the BackEnd, moving to a microservices architecture.

The technological features of version 2.0 are:

  • Microservices pattern
  • FrontEnd: React JS
  • BackEnd: SpringBoot
  • Compatibility with Oracle WebLogic
  • Installation on container with a view to migration to cloud provider


2023 saw the birth of the new version of the Technology Reply DataHub which has already been released to some historical customers who use the very first version. During 2024 we plan to distribute the product to all customers who request it. The new graphic design, with a modern UX/UI, and the technological scalability to microservices, mandatory for a modern and secure software, will allow new customers to know the enormous potential of this solution branded Technology Reply.