From the mainframe to microservices

Technology Reply has developed microservices to take advantage of the benefits of data offloading


In the technological context of the banking world, where it is often complex to stay up to date, Technology Reply - Financial Services company of the Reply Group and Oracle partner - has developed for a leading banking group a set of microservices on an innovative architecture that allow it to take advantage of the benefits of data offloading.


The identified solution combines two key aspects:

  • MAINFRAME OFFLOADING process that allows reading data from source tables (DB2), processing the information, and writing it to a target database (Oracle) in near real-time mode;
  • MICROSERVICES built on Spring Boot framework and installed on Openshift cluster, which can retrieve data of interest by directly accessing the target data source fed via offloading. Only in cases of database unavailability, these services possess a fallback mechanism that allows retrieval of the same information from the source data source


  • Reduced costs resulting from high consumption of mainframe-side MIPS by introducing the new services to replace the previous ones
  • Excellent performance and high reliability of services, through the use of a new scalable architecture and the introduction of fallback mechanisms