Monitor Consob

CONSOB periodic audits: new application for report generation requests.


Technology Reply has developed for one of Italy's leading direct banks a new application, integrated into the bank's middle office portal, to manage report generation requests for periodic verification activities carried out by CONSOB.

This tool will make it possible to report the "history" of each perimeter dispositive transaction, expressed in terms of tracking related to all the regulatory verifications required for execution. The new application is part of the realization of a new platform aimed at reviewing the current operating model of paper and digital underwriting processes at the bank and the related supporting IT assets, with a 360-degree view of the group's products and with a particular focus on the asset management area.

The new application enables:

  • input of report generation requests;
  • monitoring of inserted requests;
  • visualization of generated reports.

The type of reports generated is configurable, and currently four different types generated by the application have been defined. Queries can be entered by setting filters that are logically grouped and will be applied to the data extracted from the database. Report generation is done asynchronously through a nightly ETL flow. The produced files are made available to users via links on SharePoint.

Access to the application and reports is allowed only to users who have a certain profile. Currently, the first phase of development has been completed, which will allow data to be extracted for certain product types. Additional product types will be made available as subsequent phases are completed.


Technology Reply handled all implementation aspects of the project, from creating the data model for the front-end application, to creating the data model for the ETL flow, to developing the front-end application.

The data model was defined in such a way as to allow the management of different types of reports and thus adaptable to the future needs of the bank.

Technologies such as Liferay, Vue.js, Spring Boot, Oracle Database, and ETL were used to implement the front-end application, back-end components, and ETL processes.


The new application enables asynchronous report generation, through an overnight ETL flow, even large reports that are made available to authorized users through links on SharePoint.

The use of the new architecture will enable the bank, with the support and expertise of Technology Reply, to take advantage of IT tools based on software, architectures, and paradigms in step with the times, capable of responding to the new requirements of reduced time to market on new initiatives and greater resilience on core applications for business development.

Integrations with Oracle products, to which key data persistence and management activities continue to be delegated, also remain critical.