Communities are key to engage, to share and to innovate
within and without the company. We help our clients to build them since 2007.

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A Digital workplace and Enterprise Social Network Engine solution
to encourage communication, enhance collaboration, find talents, improve satisfaction, productivity and efficiency.
We involve employees through social strategies and bottom-up contributions.
We enhance company tools, provide management and sharing of working documents.


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I declare that I have read and fully understood the Privacy Notice and I hereby express my consent to the processing of my personal data by Reply SpA for marketing purposes, in particular to receive promotional and commercial communications or information regarding company events or webinars, using automated contact means (e.g. SMS, MMS, fax, email and web applications) or traditional methods (e.g. phone calls and paper mail).


To constantly inform employees about company news. To publish internal and external initiatives to highlight company values.

  • Top down news
  • Knowledge management
  • Self Service of employees
  • Link to company tools

To transform digital space into multi directional and structured channel where each employee can express own opinion through the main common social functionalities

  • Comments on news
  • Forums and blogs dedicated to specific arguments
  • Company Wiki and Forums
  • Like and rating to appreciate contents

To create a digital environment connected and integrated with existing systems that supports collaborations and enhances interaction between members

  • Bottom-up contribution (User Generated Content)
  • Categorization of member through personal profile
  • Creation and management of working groups

To locate employee in a virtuous environment that supports own working life

  • Empowered Employees
  • Support for training
  • Smart Working and flexibility
  • Access from any device

Digital employees platform features: content management, social communities, Office 365 e GoogleApp and system integration


A Social and Learning platform solution
to define a personalised online learning experience for employees.
We design innovative formats in order to stimulate interactions and increase collaboration between employees.
We can also integrate integrate our platform with LMS company platforms and organize learning catalog in a centralized management.

Learning experience platform key features: Centralized management of learning catalog, rich profile, microlearning and gamification


A solution to facilitate the onboarding of employees and their professional growth by managing individual development plans,
measuring employee performance against core competencies, carrying out performance reviews
and setting business and development goals.
We support the development of employees by monitoring and analysing their performance
and offering them opportunities for growth.
We increase transparency by allowing employees to see how their performance is evaluated
and what areas they need to focus on to improve.

Human Capital Performance Management key features: BOOST employee motivation, Support employee growth, Monitor and evaluate employee performance and Retain and advance talent