Strengthen the relationship with your commercial partners
and manage hybrid and online corporate events;
We help our client to generate value from their corporate ERP data
and improve their company's ESG rating.

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Sales Enablement Platform

A solution available as website and App, for your target sales rep & dealers, focused on
communication, training, collaboration and sales data, thanks to integration with existing CRMs to provide business KPIs’ and data.
We make flexible to showcase products, tools and learning modules to help partners sell our client’s product.
We offer tools to involve and communicate with sales force geographically distributed in order to adapt with multiple local and social positions, transfer company mission and receive feedback.


An event management platform to organize webinars, manage online and physical event registration, deliver videos (live stream & on demand) and enhance user interaction with classic (polls & messaging) and custom engagement formats.
We allow event managers to control all digital aspects of hybrid, online and physical events.
We help you promote your products and services within your sales department and network.


    • It's all about your brand and your users
      We put attention to details, producing high quality user interfaces and experiences. Every platform is personalized to accurately address your business processes, needs and offer.
    • Going beyond a simple video platform
      With a 10+ year experience in the B2B world, our team can help you implement a digital campaign and define your event format and strategy.
    • One platform for all your online and physical events
      TamTamy lets you manage all your events in a single place. Register, check-in and monitor all your guests in the same place. A companion App will enhance your in-person and online attendees experience.



A supply chain portal solution to boost digitalization of the processes, involving a company and its suppliers and focusing on ESG topics.
We manage the whole process from Contract and Identity Management to Subcontracting.
We streamline processes, facilitating communication and collaboration between companies and their suppliers.