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We’ve asked the people who work with us every day to tell us about their experience.
Here it is what they told us. What do they have in common?
The opportunity to grow in a dynamic and flexible collaborative environment to create together new solutions.

Being part of a great family, a young, dynamic group always growing

Riccardo Lombardi, Full stack developer
"I was driven towards TamTamy Reply thanks to its people’s kindness. I knew I was joining a group with challenging, yet diversified and exciting tasks. These months within TamTamy showed me I was right! I worked on many different projects in which I had to put all my skills and knowledge, while always guided and supported by nice and helpful colleagues, in a fun and welcoming work environment."

Each day I can contribute with my added value

Francesca SARCINA, UI/UX Designer
"Reply is a very large and complex reality: when I joined I wanted to make my contribution in a significant way and I can say that I succeeded. One of the most rewarding aspects of working in TamTamy, in fact, is being able to bring my added value every day, the result of years of experience, continuous training and collaboration between team members. And this collaboration is the strong point of my company, which has allowed me to grow over the years both as a designer and as a professional in general.".

An open and collaborative work environment, made up of helpful people

Stefano ZANCHI, Technical Lead and PM
"Reply is certainly an excellent company to start, but also to grow; it is big, well-structured and there are many opportunities. I started my career in 2011, shortly after graduating in Computer Engineering, and I found an open, collaborative work environment, made up of colleagues available both for a technical discussion on projects, and for a moment of sharing outside the office. Even in the last period, thanks to smartworking, we have found a way to keep in touch, without losing the spirit of cohesion! On a technical level, the company's drive is always towards innovation and anyone has the opportunity to contribute new ideas to the evolution of the TamTamy product.".

A team, made of people always willing to help each other and grow together

"I am Alicia Hinostroza Castillo and I've been working in TamTamy for 11 years. I've chosen to stay in TamTamy all this time because it has always given me the opportunity to work in several projects, discover new technologies and strenghthen my knowledge of previuosly known ones along the way. The team is composed of highly available and smart people, always ready to give a hand when needed and share knowledge that allows the team to grow together. This is another key point that has allowed me to stay in the company for so many years and which makes me look forward to the next 11 years. Besides, being a company of the Reply group, the overall environment is special. It is like working in a big company but with a small company feeling, where it is easy to get to know all your colleagues and you get the chance to share and work with people of several different backgrounds.".

The right place to challenge myself and improve my skills

Marco TONAZZO, Full stack developer
"Working in TamTamy, I have the opportunity to get to know various working environments, taking part into projects for different customers. In my daily work experience, I have the opportunity to deal with different approaches to the use of technology, cutting-edge or consolidated, to meet customer needs. I am also motivated to challenge myself and improve my skills, by learning new skills as well.".

A modern and challenging work environment, ideal for those aiming to grow

Lorenzo TRESOLDI, Project Manager
"Tamtamy is a modern and challenging working reality, ideal for those who aim to increase their skills and aspire to constantly measure themselves with problems of the most diverse nature, being provided with all the tools to solve them and the support to create excellent solutions. I always have the opportunity to collaborate and compare with web development professionals to broaden my horizons and stay updated on new technologies, cutting-edge tools and methodologies.".


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