BLG Logistics Solutions Italia, part of the BLG Logistics Group, was founded in Bremen, reference shareholder, back in 1877. The Group, with over 16,000 employees and a turnover of approximately 1.3 billion euros (2016), operates with the support of an international network, through three Automotive, Container and Contract business divisions, relying on more than 100 locations across Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

BLG Logistics Solutions Italia offers turnkey production/logistics solutions ranging from the definition of the conceptual model to the full implementation and operational management of the product. The services offered are supported by flexible solutions, which can be easily customised based on the specific requirements of end users.

The Group’s areas of expertise range from the electronics sector to the automotive industry and the consumer goods sector, with extensive experience gained both domestically and internationally.

Overseeing all operational phases, BLG Logistics Solutions Italia designs and manages services covering its customers’ entire supply chain: from scalable and innovative e-commerce services, to warehousing and distribution activities (with value-added activities such as management of the stock of class C materials in demand planning mode), ranging from an on-site logistics model (with the possible acquisition of business units) to customer deliveries and technical services activities (customised configuration, door-to-door delivery, installation and assembly), and Freight Forwarding services that include national and international intermodal transport and customs and tax warehouse management.

The solution

The solution supports BLG in managing freight forwarding services offered on the market and conducted at the Melzo terminal. The introduction of the Cloud-based service-oriented SideUp Reply™ HUB system has made it possible to increase the efficiency of processes and provide visibility across the entire network.

The service, which is also available directly online, combines the benefits associated with process optimisation with the advantages of a cloud-based, service-oriented software:

  • Reduced implementation and activation time
  • Minimal initial investment
  • Database that is always online, offering easy access and consultation
  • Ability to customise interfaces and processes specific to each business



Every day we observe the countless international companies that promote, including in the e-Commerce realm, product and service offers that are certainly advantageous from an economic point of view, including shipping from the sender to the final recipient of the goods. This is a clear signal from a global market, which requires a supporting logistics structure that can also “move” small packages in a very short period of time.

It is within this context that BLG has refined its product and services offer, specialising its processes as well as its working models with the aim of being a leader, together with its customers, within a range of activities that sees both parties engaged on a daily basis in the management of imports and exports of goods of all kinds (by size, weight, etc.).

From a logistical point of view the investment in the SideUp Reply™ HUB system is the answer to the evolution of the business, characterised by a rise in the number of (increasingly “smaller”) orders and by a pronounced multi-channel nature. For example, in this particular case, the scenario does not relate to “dead freight” containers, but rather to a business model focused on the movement of small packages to be shipped by sea, entrusting the shipping and logistics services of an international operator such as BLG to optimise the specific container loading activities.



The solution selected by BLG is the SideUp Reply™ HUB, one of the components of the service-oriented SideUp Reply™ software suite. The service is designed to manage operational activities in a platform environment, where the protagonist is no longer the inventory but the package, as is the case within a central warehouse governed by a WMS (Warehouse Management System). The Hubs, interfaced with the central systems managed by BLG’s partner carrier, handle the management of check-ins and check-outs of the goods in transit. In the more complete version of the solution, it is also possible to manage stock for scenarios that do not entail Just-in-Time flows.

The Sideup Reply™ HUB is enhanced with reporting capabilities designed to meet traceability needs related to received, handled and shipped goods.



The values offered by the SideUp Reply™ HUB solution are rooted in the ability to autonomously manage two independent and parallel processes (Imports and Exports), to have maximum flexibility to be able to change trips at the last minute facilitating the optimisation of the container load, to have maximum traceability with respect to customer hosts, to manage, for example, the reasons related to damaged items and to support the real time monitoring of inventory in the Hub. Value-added activities which, more concretely, in terms of savings, have made it possible to optimise IT resources, minimise operational errors, leading to increased service quality and processing time in addition to the benefits offered by software as a service.


SideUp Reply™ is warehouse management, inventory, cross docking, track & trace and logistics of point of sale in web mode.