Sideup Offering

What is it?

The SideUp Reply™ suite was launched on the market in 2010, with the innovative module for warehouse management available “as a service”. Following its commercial success, the suite has continued to evolve and now boasts numerous modules designed to support executive visibility and efficiency along the entire value chain.

Visibility refers to the collaboration practices along the logistics supply chain. As an incredible enabler that makes it possible to access and share information, the Cloud is a natural platform for collaboration and integration between customers and suppliers.

Efficiency refers to the operational optimisation and real-time monitoring characteristic of handling and warehousing activities. Thanks to the combination of Cloud and Mobile technologies, these extend beyond the natural boundaries of the warehouse. The simplicity and usability of the SideUp Reply solutions, together with the heterogeneous data acquisition capabilities (images, GPS locations, etc.) facilitate the effective and shared management of operations along the entire logistics chain.

Application Suite

  • Logistics Networks And Cross-Docking
  • E-Commerce & Dropshipment
  • Delivery Certification
  • Store Logistics


A single monthly fee, without additional licensing costs, covers all expenses related to the use of the system, customer support, evolutionary maintenance, hardware maintenance and system security and backup services.
Thanks to the single fee model, the client does not need to worry about scalability and infrastructure upgrades. The monthly cost is a function of the number of users, of the client’s operational configuration and of the service level requested. Moreover, these can be adjusted from month to month depending on the specific business needs. There are many advantages associated with a pay-per-use fee structure: the architecture facilitates the scalability, flexibility and economies of scale needed to respond efficiently to the dynamics of today’s business world, characterised by high levels of uncertainty. The recurring fee does not necessitate the payment of any licence fee and includes all costs associated with the use of the application, support and upgrades, as well as system activities and computing power.
The Software as a Service executive logistics modules that are part of the SideUp Reply suite, involve the payment of a recurring fee (monthly, quarterly or yearly) based on the use of the product. The actual fee is determined based on specific cost drivers associated with each module. In general, the drivers are divided into two factors:

Business factors
  • Active users
  • Number of sites
  • Active companies

Service levels
  • Number of shifts
  • Hourly coverage of the remote support service
  • Level of system availability guaranteed by the contract (SLA)


What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software application delivery model that allows software vendors to develop, operate and manage web applications which are made available to clients via the internet. This type of application is also referred to as pay-per-use software, as the cost model based on which the product is offered to the market is proportional to the actual usage of the software.


SideUp Reply™ is warehouse management, inventory, cross docking, track & trace and logistics of point of sale in web mode.