Individualize the standard with modular products and the adapter suite

Macros Reply Integrations & Technology

The successful concepts of the Macros Reply product and solution world are based on their modular design and its deep integration into all corresponding applications: the modular system allows you the greatest possible freedom in the combination of Macros Reply products and ECM add-ons with your individualised standard solution.
For an optimal work experience, Macros Reply products are deeply integrated into your existing system landscape. Macros Reply is happy to advise you on which adapters enable procedural processing without media breaks, how you can use close networking to open all relevant systems with just a click, and which system should be the leading system.

Macros eBridge, Macros eBuilder, Macros eNform, Macros eReport, Macros eRules, Macros eThumb


Macros Reply technology components: your key to success

The technically modular system is the basis for all Macros Reply products. The technologically advanced building blocks of Macros Reply products meet all requirements for high availability, stability and performance, and they work in a component-based way.

Macros Reply technology components your key to success 0

Macros eBridge


The adapter suite for seamless processes

Macros eBridge Macros eBridge is a full suite of adapters to connect all of your work-related programs to the Macros products. This tight fusion of components makes your processes consistent, free of media interruptions and makes your work intuitive. You benefit, for example, from direct jumps to department systems, from automatic data synchronisation, pre-filled masks or the intensive integration of your Office and e-mail programs. The Macros eBridge adapter suite includes connectors for storage and archive systems (Macros eConnect), e-mail and Office systems (Macros eXtensions), core and specialised systems (Macros eHost), SAP and ERP systems (e.g. Macros eConnect4SAP).

Office and e-mail systems: Macros eXtensions storage and archive systems: Macros eConnect professional, core and third party systems: Macros eHost, SAP and ERP Systems: e.g. Macros eConnect4SAP
The adapter suite for seamless processes 0