Intelligent incoming mail processing and input management


Macros Input Management and Distribution

There is one simple rule: the more effort you put into data preparation in input management, the more efficiently the higher quality data can be used in subsequent processes.

The flexible combination of input management modules from Macros Reply and the Macros eNform process line run invisibly in the background and allow you to optimise each relevant step of incoming mail processing: incoming documents are scanned, classified automatically with OCR/ICR technology if required, detected and verified, and automatically distributed to team, group or employee post baskets. Documents that do not require human handling can be processed "in the dark".

Whether e-mails, letters, faxes or other channels: thanks to the introduction of a modern input management solution, the entire incoming correspondence can be processed efficiently and intelligently.

Macros eScan


Scanning and Digitization

Scanning is the first step in comprehensive process optimisation.

Each paper document must be prepared and fed into the document cycle so that its information content can be used optimally in subsequent steps.

Macros eScan




Ignite the AI turbo for your Input Management.

This framework ensures automated, digital and, above all, intelligent processing of all documents that reach your company. It combines proven input management solutions based on machine learning with innovative cloud and RPA services and complements these with Generative AI. This means timely feedback for your customers, suppliers and partners.

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Macros eIndex, smart FIX


Easily classify and index your incoming mail

During classification and indexing, the corresponding document class is determined for the scanned or already digitized documents and the documents are enriched with information from other systems. Depending on the incoming volume, you can choose the semi-automated product Macros eIndex or one of the fully-automated partner products that Macros Reply can also integrate into your input chain.

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Case Study

Our clients

„We benfit from 95% distribution to the correct team – 80% of this to the correct case handler and with very little backlog in the Claims Department over the last 10 years.“

Gerald Klammer, Helvetia Versicherung

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Macros eDistribute


Intelligent incoming post distribution without coding

Macros eDistribute is the Macros Reply product with which the departments can independently determine the distribution and assignment of documents or processes to team or staff mailboxes.

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