Intelligent process automation

Macros Reply finds optimal solutions
for your company for the automation of processes
and uses process mining, robotic process
automation and artificial intelligence.

Intelligente Prozess Automatisierung


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IPA, or "Intelligent Process Automation," can be seen as a complement to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Automations expand their capabilities by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, enabling them to recognize images, text, or even emotions.


Advancements in process optimization and automation are progressing rapidly. Even for complex rule sets and workflows, there are now scalable and flexible platforms that integrate the technologies behind process optimization. One such technology is RPA, which allows the quick and cost-effective automation of cross-system processes.


RPA software is installed and works directly within applications, accessing data in systems without a technical interface. Configuration involves specifying which information to extract from masks, documents, or web interfaces and where to transfer it. This eliminates standardized click paths for the user, bridging system gaps. Due to its robust design, readjustment is only necessary when new fields are added or click sequences change.


Macros Reply accompanies customers on their RPA journey, regardless of where they are in their project. Macros Reply experts collaborate with customers to implement solutions, offer use-case-specific solutions, and provide on-demand expertise.

Successful projects rely on acceptance within the company, making transparent communication and involvement of all stakeholders essential. Process automation can be a win-win for both the IT department as a sparring partner and other departments. Macros Reply informs everyone about the potentials of RPA, actively engages in stakeholder management, and highlights the benefits of agile working.

During the evaluation and assessment phase, Macros Reply supports prioritizing optimization potentials based on complexity and benefit. RPA metrics cards and amortization calculations help assess which use cases have particularly high potential. In addition to considering the company's strategic direction, soft factors such as customer or employee satisfaction should also be included in the evaluation.

In time and budget-limited pilot projects, you'll find out how RPA fits into your company and its system landscape and what added value it brings. Macros Reply collaboratively defines success criteria with you and evaluates the results.

Macros Reply not only helps professionalize automation with software robots but also assists in integrating existing tools into your automation landscape and choosing an ideal licensing model. Considering all aspects of IT security and architectural conditions, your IT infrastructure experts are guided to initialize and operate an RPA base infrastructure. This is done in close coordination with UiPath, the operator of a platform for Robotic Process Automation.

As a UiPath Diamond Partner, Macros Reply's RPA developers with UiPath MVP (Most Valuable Professional) recognition are available with their expertise. You decide individually on the framework and timeframe for implementation – as a complete package for quick implementation or in complex situations to optimize efficiency.

Tailored to a company's culture and orientation, Macros Reply offers group training, pair programming, on-demand support, and coaching as support services. Macros Reply's RPA experts are available for practice tasks, situational solutions, and the establishment of a "Center of Excellence" (CoE) over extended periods.

Through Macros Reply's "Housekeeping Program," experience values on various topics such as installation, updates, monitoring, data protection, and worth can be accessed at any time and directly incorporated into the process. This also ensures a constant role for knowledge transfer.

Depending on your infrastructure, you operate the UiPath automation platform yourself, either installed or in your own cloud. Macros Reply supports in orchestrating and evaluating monitoring. A transparent view of existing implementation possibilities ensures effective use of your robot-assisted processes.


Certain programs can handle task packages entirely on their own, such as transferring an address change. These programs, also called "bots" or robots, are installed on their own IT system.
Processes requiring a decision or containing exceptions can be routed to employees. While waiting for a response from the employee, the program continues to perform its tasks. Through this asynchronous "human-in-the-loop" interaction, virtually any process can be automated.

For direct interaction initiated by a human with the program, it is installed directly on the employee's system. It takes over tasks, such as compiling information for a higher-level task or copying the customer number or an IBAN to the clipboard, at the push of a button.
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    Macros Reply

    Macros Reply is an expert in digitalization and automation of business processes for insurance companies and financial service providers. In order to meet their high standards, Macros Reply develops flexible and configurable software for the core functionalities, enhanced with solutions from selected, tested and long-term partners. Using innovative technologies such as Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning, Macros Reply helps its customers in their transformation into modern, fast acting companies: Relieve the processing from routine work and support value-adding activities, with benefits for the customer in significantly reduced processing times. Macros Reply also stands for: ECM, transaction processing & DMS, distribution rules, workflow & process management, eFiles and ePostboxes, and archiving.