Intelligent process automation

Macros Reply finds optimal solutions
for your company for the automation of processes
and uses process mining, robotic process
automation and artificial intelligence.

Intelligente Prozess Automatisierung


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The Philosophy

Macros Reply accompanies its customers in discovering, using and further developing their own automation capabilities and implements all RPA projects together with them: trains and coaches their employees, provides frameworks and methods and is available as an on-demand expert for questions - from the process selection via the structure of the CoC / CoE up to the operation.
Macros Reply is an official partner of UiPath Macros Reply offers the market-leading RPA product UiPath as a tool. Macros Reply owes its status as a Diamond Partner to its more than 70 experts including UiPath MVP, who have built up an impressively deep knowledge over the years. With this knowledge, Macros Reply can offer use-case-specific optimal solutions for automation. This shows the large number of successfully completed projects with happy customers.

The possibilities of the platform with Macros Reply

Macros Reply accompanies you on your RPA journey regardless of how many steps you have already taken.

Optimize processes together with employees

On the basis of UiPath Automation Hub, Macros Reply offers your company the support to promote and organize your employees' automation ideas. Potential becomes apparent with the help of Process Mining and Task Mining . In process mining, digital traces from business applications are prepared and actual processes are clearly visualized so that the possibilities for automation become transparent. With Task Mining , the daily work of the employees is analyzed on request and repetitive tasks are suggested for automation using RPA.

After one or more processes have been identified, Task Capture is used. The program records and documents individual process steps during the work and thus provides a guide for the developers towards automation.

Macros Reply coaches your company in the use of these tools and helps you achieve automation success.

Actively design and automate processes with Macros Reply

The support of Macros Reply enables your employees to create and use robots with simple visual interfaces. Macros Reply supports all steps on the way to integrate automation into processes in a meaningful way.

With the help of the StudioX program, employees, even without experience in software development, can individually automate simple office tasks. Studio offers a comprehensive development environment for experienced developers in the company. Technicks such as Document Understanding (document recognition with OCR and AI) and artificial intelligence can also be integrated.

Use the robots efficiently together with Macros Reply

During the automation process, it is important to ensure the necessary security, transparency and efficiency when supervising the robots with the Orchestrator . Macros Reply shows how this works. At the same time, various regulatory requirements for documentation and standardization can be met with the orchestrator.

Macros Reply is also at your side as a responsible pioneer in the next steps. In order to have everything in view, sophisticated cognitive workflows should be automated and managed with AI Fabric . Before the automation is put into operation, the individual processes are checked using the test suite. For successful and efficient automation, it is important to give developers simple and efficient access to the necessary data, variables and tools. All of these inputs can be bundled in the data service, whereby Macros Reply also supports.

Insights is an RPA analysis solution that makes it possible to track the performance of the entire automation program. In addition, effects are measured and performance and future operating conditions are forecast.

Macros Reply provides the right software robot for every process.

Robots that Macros Reply creates for or together with your team are intelligent, flexible and take on annoying tasks in the everyday work of the employees, so that the robot can be used alone or as an extended hand of the employees. This increases the efficiency and performance in the company.

Attended Robots , which are controlled by employees, or Unattended Robots , which work behind the scenes and only ask when needed. Both are also possible, in the form of a hybrid robot operating model. Whichever software robot a company chooses, Macros Reply supports companies in their selection.

The goal of Macros Reply, which is realized together with companies: people and robots for seamless Merge processes in a team

Each team organizes itself and its communication and can thus present ideas, requirements, agreements and decisions transparently for everyone - the communication interface in a human-robot team is the Action Center . Internal processes (e.g. approvals) can also be ensured in the Action Center.

With the help of Macros Reply and apps, your company exploits the full potential in an intuitive, user-friendly interface. This makes it possible to connect to data and systems, even if they do not have a programming interface. Applications can be created in no time.

With the establishment of chatbots , companies can integrate interactions with customers and employees in digital processes in addition to social messaging applications or by voice. For example, customers can see the status of their request for processing a process without employees of the company investing valuable working time. Macros Reply supports companies in the automated interaction between humans and robots.

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    Macros Reply is an expert in the digitization and automation of business processes for insurance companies and financial service providers. In order to meet their high demands, Macros Reply develops its own, flexibly configurable software for the core functionalities and supplements this with solutions from selected, tested and long-term partners. Using innovative technologies such as process mining, robotic process automation (RPA) and Machine learning helps Macros Reply to transform its customers into modern, fast-acting companies: Processing is relieved of routine work and supported in value-adding activities, and the customer also benefits from significantly reduced processing times. Macros Reply also stands for: ECM, process processing & DMS, distribution rules, workflows & process management, electronic files & mailboxes, as well as archiving.