Triple A:


Macros Triple A

The intelligent use of business data

The Macros Triple A (AAA) combines the core methods of intelligent use of enterprise data to maximize the effectiveness of Process Mining (analysis), Robotic Process Automation (automation), and Predictive analytics (anticipation).
A = Analyze with Process Mining: Process Mining depicts the actual process flows within a very short time. This visualization serves as basis for the analysis and evaluation of optimization and automation approaches and their sustainable monitoring.
A = Automate with Robotics / Robotic Process Automation (RPA): RPA automates standardized, rule-driven processes, enabling faster processing and higher efficiency in a short time.
A = Anticipate with Machine Learning / Predictive Analytics: Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics facilitate dynamic decisions and predictions based on information already available in the company.

Process Mining, Process Analysis


Analysis: Process Mining

With Process Mining as the first "A", companies are able to analyze existing processes detailed in real time. For this purpose, the digital traces of process steps are visualized which allows an overall view of e.g. processing of applications, a claim process or communication processes with customers in general.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), UiPath, Robotics, Automation

Automation: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Using Robotic Process Automation as the second "A" of Triple A, tasks and subprocesses are automated that do not require a great knowledge base, that are characterized by their frequency or error-proneness and their recurring nature. RPA is one of the prime examples of easy handling and fast ROI without coding.




The list of machine learning and AI application scenarios seems overwhelming. Macros Reply has used Predictive Analytics to evaluate its third "A" of the Macros Triple A as the key method for banks and insurance companies. Predictive Analytics are used to make predictions based on an existing database using analysis and machine learning methods.

RPA & Web Scraping

Best Practice

Analysing Online Menus

One of the important building blocks in sales is identifying and finding new customers. 4brands Reply and Macros Reply have facilitated the acquisition of new restaurant customers for a client. With the help of RPA and web scraping, previously tedious manual work was automated.

Analysing Online Menus 0