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Merging specialist and IT knowledge

Macros Reply best practice industry solutions

The solutions reflect the expertise of the Macros Reply experts. They support industry-specific processes at every step, reflecting the wording and the logic of the industries.
With Macros Reply industry solutions, you profit from the advantages of standard products and individual programming: the technical and specialist-tuned product components have a high degree of availability, stability and performance, and enable quick implementation and flexible adaptability to your corporate environment.

Macros InsuranceSuite



Macros Reply staff speak the language of insurance companies, speak the technical jargon and understand the typical challenges that arise. Macros Reply places the same demands on its products. They support the insurance staff along the entire value chain, from the physical arrival of the post to processing the completed case, from customer to customer, every step of the way. Whether it’s for claims processing or application processing, for health insurance processes or vehicles: Macros InsuranceSuite automates and digitises your processes.

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Macros PublicSuite


Public administration

The Macros PublicSuite industry solution is based on Macros eWorkplace and assists in efficient handling of your standardised processes in federal agencies – from inbox to outbox. Even when processing larger volumes, such as with allowances, case handlers profit from the support which PublicSuite integrates deeply into existing systems: data pre-allocation and departmental processing without media breaks.

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Industry specific solutions


Other industries

Whether you are at home in the industrial, commercial or service sector: Macros Reply also offers solutions tailored specifically to your individual challenges.

Macros Reply system solutions are especially beneficial for sectors with a high volume of similar processes. Here, case processes are standardised and improved qualitatively and quantitatively and in terms of being interruption-free; which means customer satisfaction ultimately increases.

Macros BankingSuite


Banking & finance

It is becoming increasingly apparent that potential for rationalisation lies mainly in improving cooperation between several employees who are working together on one process, each with specific tasks. This processing across several stations is particularly prominent at banks, for example in the lending business.

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