Processing and document management – quick and easy



Efficient and collaborative procedural processing without any media breaks

Digitised procedural processing and departmental processing without media breaks, optimised business processes and collaborative document management:

With Macros Reply products, you have a toolbox at hand which simplifies all procedures involved in procedural and departmental processing. Digitised documents are automatically uploaded directly to the corresponding electronic team inbox or individual inbox and simultaneously saved in the electronic filing system.

Workflows, checklists, the tried-and-tested One Click Processing and other features increase the flow of incoming processes. The classic document management system gives knowledge workersand teams a way to access all company information, collaboratively and on the basis of your permissions.

The specialist knowledge of select experts and our customers has been included in order to adapt Macros products for special tasks such as staff management or risk management and reporting procedures, without forgoing the variety of roles.



Our clients

“Claims processing is significantly faster and more efficient. Customers benefit from good email integration and the opportunity to receive information on the status of a process.”

Alexander Lauerer, Group Manager for the insurance technology department, WWK Insurance

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Macros eWorkflow, Macros eChecklist


Workflows, checklists & process management

With its two combinable products – Macros eChecklist and Macros eWorkflow – Macros Reply offers you a straight-up and simple instrument for efficient work processes. Parallel, sequential or combined workflows including responsibilities, priorities and target dates can be modelled in the shortest timeframes and managed as templates.

Macros eWorkflow, Macros eChecklist

Macros eClient, Macros eMailbox & eFiles


Electronic mailboxes and files

Efficient procedural processing and media discontinuity-free process management with electronic mailboxes and electronic filing systems – all relevant information at a click. In the electronic inbox you will find all activities, orders and consignments for which the case handler is the right contact person – and the follow-ups are there too. It only takes a click to get to the electronic filing system. This is where all decision-relevant information about a customer or a contract is found.

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Reporting Procedures & Risk Management 0

Macros eSolvency2


Reporting Procedures & Risk Management

With Macros eSolvency2 you can implement the Solvency II directive easily and operate risk management in a lean, transparent and reliable way.

Macros eSolvency2 relies on the Macros eWorkplace product, which is well-established in insurance and banking environments. Alongside the appropriate standard software and – when needed – hardware, the packet is especially notable for its “Solvency2 Know-How-Package”.

Macros ePAkt


Digital personnel files

The digital personnel filing system Macros ePAkt is the standard product for efficient, modern and secure HR management. As an instrument for managing and streamlining all processes involving HR files, Macros ePAkt decisively improves the quality of HR work. The centrally stored information and comprehensive research and workflow functions relieve HR staff of routine and filing tasks.

DMS for document and knowledge management 0

Macros eDMS


DMS for document and knowledge management

Macros eDMS is the company-wide solution for the efficient handling of all documents and information within a company.
In addition to classic document management functions, Macros eDMS inspires with its diverse process-optimising improvements such as workflows and checklists. Context-related work is also made possible by the integration of all common office, e-mail and archive systems.