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Just like a book which only opens its pages to persons authorised to read them, it is possible for a system to only deliver the amount of information that the person behind the system knows how to use. On the basis of its own products and tried-and-tested partner products, Macros Reply has put together a portfolio on how to exploit your entire data potential.

The information that accumulates within Macros eWorkplace is overseen via Macros eReports and Macros eSearch opens up the world of unstructured data and knows how to extract context from simple content, how to purposefully use semantic searches and how to use external data sources to enrich information.

Our Big Data experts give you access to the world of data for data exploration, machine learning and big data technologies, and they can train you to be a qualified big data scientist.

Big Data, Data Reply, Data Science


Big Data & Data Science

With its Reply partner Data Reply, Macros Reply combines the efficiency of digitisation with the power of data. Predictions, real time evaluation and other interesting applications of Big Data open up a whole new dimension of customer focus. Based on Predictive Analytics, we have defined use cases for predicting event occurrences and making intelligent decisions. In addition, Data Reply offers you the possibility of training or hiring Data Scientists for your company.

Macros eSearch


Smart data, semantic search and matching

Together with our partner MORESOPHY, we give you access to the world of "Smart Data". Content previously unused and unnoticed is made into profitable data via the combination of Macros Reply and MORESOPHY. Searching, matching, structuring and analysis of information, data and content of all kinds are some of the ways MORESOPHY CONTEXTSUITE can be used in conjunction with Macros Reply.

Macros eReport & eStatistics


Reporting & Statistics

With Macros eReport you can create reports on escalations, inboxes and teams within the Macros eClient (Macros inboxes and electronic filing systems).

For the evaluation of electronic inboxes and filing systems, use Macros eStatistics. Macros eStatistics is a comprehensive tool for business intelligence and visualisation of data throughout the entire document cycle.

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Ticuro Reply Telemedicine


Big Data technology for better living

Based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, Ticuro Reply allows to increase the quality of life. The combination of wearables, medical devices and additional sensors to improve healthy lifestyle everytime and everywhere.

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