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Logistics Reply offers its customers a complete set of cutting-edge services and solutions for Supply Chain Execution. These range from digital supply chain consulting to turnkey application delivery based on innovative technologies.

Logistics Reply is part of Reply: Reply

LEA Reply™, “Logistics Execution Architecture”, is Reply’s latest evolution of Supply Chain Software. It is built on 20+ years of industry experience and customer success of previous product suites Click Reply™ and SideUp Reply™. LEA Reply™ is an interconnected platform based on a microservices architecture that enables agile and cost-effective supply chain solutions tailor-made for business needs.


  • Design consulting services
  • Custom software development
  • Consulting and modelling of logistics processes
  • Change management
  • Application support & Helpdesk


The Logistics Reply product and service offering leads to customer success, thanks to the company's solid experience in designing and developing execution-focused logistic solutions – developed for customers worldwide and applied to a wide range of industry and distribution sectors.

The suite

The LEA Reply™ Suite was launched in 2016 with our Warehouse Management Solution, since then it has continuously expanded with new modules to support our customers’ evolving supply chain execution needs.

LEA Reply™ responds to the market’s need for flexibility and innovation, it is the ideal solution for companies looking for the following competitive advantages:

Business Empowerment: We enable our customers to create value through improved visibility, efficiency and collaboration.

Cutting Edge Technology: Our business microservices architecture ensures easy integration of AI, wearables, smart devices and next generation technologies.

Ease of Use: Built for an intuitive and seamless User Experience our user centric design makes operations simpler and more effective.

Agility & Adaptability: Agility to continuously improve and refine for a perfect fit to your specific business needs.

The Mission

Logistics Reply's mission consists of offering solutions capable of guaranteeing full logistic process visibility and traceability, whilst helping customers to integrate with their operational partners, and designing optimised Supply Chain Management models which:

  • Provide products and services in an integrated and monitored way
  • Enhance service levels by controlling logistics costs
  • Support the flexibility demanded by the market
  • Improve percentage of on-time deliveries
  • Reduce order fulfilment lead time
  • Improve stock rotation, while saving on procurement activities
  • Integrate the information systems of trading partners according to business process

Logistics Reply supports its customers through all project phases, guaranteeing rapid time-to-value and long-term quality results. Logistics Reply enhances and optimises the fundamentals of a successful project, via its specialised competencies and quality in: products, processes and technologies, thanks to the professional, high-value services which integrate the solutions provided to its customers.


The skills and the core values we look for in our team are:
Proactivity • Passion for Innovation • Customer Focus • Enthusiasm • Reliability • Teamwork

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We have offices across three continents and customers worldwide.


Lea reply product suite

LEA Reply™ is an interconnected digital platform that supports companies to achieve a connected and more efficient supply chain. Interacting with different systems and external partners, it enables the integration of next-generation technologies including AI, IoT, wearables and conversational interfaces.