LEA Reply™ Yard Management (YMS) is a solution that bridges Transportation and Warehouse Management providing real-time information on the location of trucks and trailers in the yard, optimising yard movements and activities through smart communication between truck-drivers and yard operators.


LEA Reply™ Yard Management is the solution that bridges the worlds of transportation and warehouse management by overcoming the information gap between these two areas, leading to better visibility and effectiveness of yard processes.

LEA Reply™ Yard Management covers three main areas:

  • Gate Flow: covers all yard reception activities, including site access contol, check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Dock Management: the allocation of vehicles to their loading and unloading docks taking into account optimisation rules and respecting compatibility constraints.
  • Yard Stocking: managing the storage and retrieval of trailers and containers in designated areas.



Gate Flow:

  • Site access control and registration of vehicle flows -in and -out of the yard.
  • Tracking of yard entrances and exits with the help of an interactive booking system with loading/unloading windows.
  • Supervising and optimising queuing times and check-in procedures.
  • Registration management in compliance with the provisions of GDPR regulations.

Yard Stocking:

  • Handling and monitoring of parked vehicles in the yard.
  • Interactive maps allow operators to plan and monitor where different items are stored.
  • This enables companies to manage their external areas like an extension of their warehouse, reducing material handling needs while enabling the management and monitoring of trailers and containers carrying goods with specific storage needs.

Dock Management:

  • Directing vehicles to the assigned loading/unloading docks.
  • Minimising waiting times while maximizing the use of available resources: docks, dock operators and service vehicles.


  • Configuring sites with loading/unloading dock data, relative access gates and layout of yard areas on the map in 2D / 3D format.
  • Management and configuration of transit types (loading, unloading, combined cycle, multi-bay, weighing, sealing, etc.).
  • Registry management of incoming and outgoing transits to/from the site, tracking vehicles and drivers compared to available data. Possibility to manage blacklists.
  • Verification and warning in case of inconsistencies or anomalies (errors in data entry, incorrect route followed, or stopping in areas where this is not allowed).
  • Compatibility constraints for vehicles / dock operations.
  • KPI reports by site, highlighting performance or critical issues.


LEA Reply™ Yard Management offers the following benefits:

  • Fast check-in and reduced lead times for carriers entering the site and for allocation of loading/unloading docks.
  • Advanced stocking options to manage trailers/containers that hold refrigerated, perishable or potentially dangerous goods in designated areas.
  • Improved visibility of goods stocked in the yard through interactive maps.
  • Minimised human errors through the use of mobile devices to guide vehicles in real-time.
  • Optimised use of resources by combining unloading/loading trip cycles to avoid empty runs.
  • Minimised dwell time (queuing) with the support of a proactive booking system for carriers.
  • Incoming vehicles distributed in a balanced way to reduce site access peaks and traffic congestion within the yard.
  • Activities assigned to yard assets (service tractors, docks, etc.) in a balanced and distributed way.
  • Minimised manual data entry and control activities for yard operators.


On-demand logistic solution

LEA Reply™ is warehouse management, visibility, scheduling, cross docking, smart tracking and point-of-sale logistics.