LEA Reply™ Hub & Network is designed to support the management of multi-level logistics distribution networks. It manages receiving, sorting, cross docking, consolidation and shipping activities in logistics centres or transit points.


LEA Reply™ Hub & Network is the solution designed to manage, in real-time, sorting centres and transit platforms, facilitating the quick and punctual routing of inbound packages to their next destination.

The perfect coordination of incoming and outgoing flows allow for a marked reduction in processing times and enable the complete traceability of the entire logistics network, resulting in a near-total reduction of routing errors.

The immediately available cloud solution allows the customer to quickly configure complex networks composed of tens to hundreds of logistics nodes that carry out receiving, sorting and shipping operations.

Graphical KPIs and dashboards with alerts ensure that processes related to the distribution of millions of packages, pallets or letters are monitored and efficient, keeping track of expected processing times and service levels with respect to both logistics centres and transport lines and shuttles.

The logistics processes are fully integrated with the management systems and are automated through the use of identification systems based on barcodes, RFID tags or integration with automation systems (sorters).


The activities managed by the LEA Reply™ Hub & Network solution are all physical activities carried out in sorting and distribution centres, attributed to the following operational processes and divided into two logical groups.


The main processes managed are those typical of a logistics site, whose purpose is to handle the sorting phase quickly and accurately. Processes characteristic of distribution logistics therefore are:

  • Check In: inbound journey management and checking of packages received
  • Sorting: the package is routed to the next destination based on the relevant routing rules
  • Consolidation: multiple packages intended for the same centre can be grouped into logistic transport units (rolls, containers, pallets, etc.)
  • Check Out: outbound checking and loading


Support processes are needed to manage the activities and operations related to the distribution process or typical of a particular sector:

  • Package storage: makes it possible to organise and manage the transit and storage of packages and logistics units
  • Space management: configuration and organisation of the areas and definition of logistics units
  • Routing rules: configuration of the network and rules for the routing and transit of the packages. Facilitates the definition of multiple-level hierarchies of logistics nodes for a network
  • Lines and shuttles: configuration and definition of main and secondary lines that connect the network’s logistics centres
  • Composition of rounds: configuration and management of rounds for the collection and delivery of packages
  • Drop off and Hand off points: configuration and rules for the hand-off of packages to other logistical networks or collection centres
  • Network monitoring: dashboards, KPIs and configurable alarms for different levels of visibility from individual centres, aggregating the data based on different service levels and geographical areas
  • Traceability: configuration of events and searches focused on traceability at the shipment and/or package level


LEA Reply™ Hub & Network offers the following benefits:

  • Centralised visibility and monitoring of complex logistics networks
  • Management of SLAs at both the centre and the network level
  • Measurement of the efficiency of transport and shuttle lines
  • Collection of distribution events at both package and shipment level
  • Immediate reporting of anomalies and service level monitoring
  • Visibility into the progress of the distribution process


On-demand logistic solution

LEA Reply™ is warehouse management, visibility, scheduling, cross docking, smart tracking and point-of-sale logistics.