Click Reply™ and Qlik Sense®: supply chain driven self-service BI.



Complementary and integrated with the Click Reply™ suite, the solution allows you to analyse performance in the supply chain, enabling data discovery in self-service mode thanks to integration with Qlik Sense®, the leading business intelligence (BI) solution. READY TO USEImplementing a performance measurement system is a key element today for all organisations wanting to pursue successful goals. Click Reply™ Warehouse Performance is the application that allows the people responsible for tactical and operational logistics in an organisation to monitor their key performance indicators, analyse data in detail, determine how and to what extent their resources are being used and uncover any problems. The solution has a comprehensive set of indicators designed to analyse the performance of all logistical processes via theme-based dashboards, which provide a summary and snapshot of the situation in a given process and allow a guided analysis of performance across the logistical network. COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MOBILE DEVICESIn a world in which content has to be available quickly, accessible anywhere and on any device, the availability of the application on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet..) as well as on a PC is an essential feature. The same KPIs that can be viewed on a PC are also viewable on the move, thanks to the application's responsive technology. This applies both to the native dashboards and KPIs offered with the solution and to the customised ones.SELF-SERVICEIn addition to the pre-packed indicators and dashboards, an important added value offered by the solution is its response to the growing need for speed and for shareable and customisable content. Therefore, users can easily create customised views, for themselves or groups of users, following a guided process, using data previously defined and structured within the application, rather than creating presentations based on KPIs (storytelling), and then share them all with other users. This allows new dashboards and specific charts to be created which are best suited to your requirements, based on a comprehensive and already available set of indicators, by type of data vie​​wed or simply by method of representation, independently and flexibly, even amending the graph already available in the application




Inbound KPI

Knowing how the inbound goods process is performing is fundamental in order to ensure that resources are assigned in a balanced way to the right activities, to monitor the quality of the supply and to determine and compare trends according to the different drivers.​


Outbound KPI

The KPIs for the outbound goods process are the most crucial, critical and monitored, because of the direct link between outbound processes and the recipients of the goods, whether they are end customers, the stations of a production line, or another site in the logistical network. Knowing how the outbound goods process is performing is fundamental in order to ensure that resources are assigned in a balanced way to the right activities, to monitor the quality of the service provided to customers and to determine and compare trends according to different drivers.​


Stock & Map KPI

Knowing the level of use of physical resources in the warehouse is a key factor for making better decisions.​


Inventory & Movements KPI

Having performance indicators that monitor stock management performance, including stock rotation, provides a set of information on which strategic decisions can be made, such as the physical positioning of products handled most often and which products must be the main focus of attention during stock-taking operations.​


Progress & Productivity KPI

Having a comprehensive snapshot of the state of progress of residual activities to be completed and those already completed, together with productivity data, in relation to the main warehouse process and process stages, is important to ensure that current performance is always under control and prompt action can be taken.​


Click Reply™ Warehouse Performance is the solution based on Qlik

Click Reply™ Warehouse Performance is the solution, based on Qlik Sense®, which integrates with the Click Reply™ suite to provide a select set of indicators designed to dynamically and graphically analyse all warehouse processes. The Qlik Sense platform is a leader in the realm of Visual Analytics that facilitates data analysis and the creation of self-service views.​