SD Worx Shifts to Blue Prism

SD Worx came to us with the task of migrating their entire on prem environment to the Blue Prism Cloud and setting it up.

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SD Worx is a leading European HR solutions provider. They partnered with us to streamline their operations and stay ahead of the curve. Initially, we set them up with an on-premise solution of Blue Prism, providing training and support to help them achieve success. Over time, they successfully took on more responsibility, running their processes independently for two years.

However, the limitations of the on-premise solution became evident, prompting SD Worx to seek a more efficient solution. The on-premise license was difficult to optimize and limited their functionality, so they approached us with a new challenge: migrating their Blue Prism environment to the cloud. They would be one of the first companies in Europe to make this journey to the Blue Prism Cloud.

The Challenge

Benefits Achieved

The Reply Solution

When SD Worx sought to improve their HR solutions by migrating from on-premise to the Blue Prism Cloud, they turned to us.
Our experience and strategic approach to migration made the transition seamless and successful.

Our 4-step plan covers every aspect of the migration and includes:

Phase 1: Feasibility Evaluation
In this phase, we assess all automated applications to determine which can be migrated to the cloud and in what order.

Phase 2: Technical Preparation
This phase involves setting up the technical infrastructure to ensure a successful migration.

Phase 3: Data Migration
We clean up and package the processes and migrate them to the new cloud environment. Test cases are run to ensure the processes run well on the new environment.

Phase 4: Process Optimisation
The new cloud environment offers increased capabilities and allows for process improvement. We can introduce new functionalities, such as intelligent scheduling and human-in-the-loop functionality, to optimise the use of the available license time.

With our proven plan, SD Worx's migration to the Blue Prism Cloud was a success.

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