Integrate your chatbot with
Salesforce and Zendesk

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Our clients often face challenges with trying to bring different systems together to offer their customers a seamless, omnichannel experience.

We are seeing an increased adoption of website chatbots being used to signpost key information and divert potential calls from a contact centre where possible.

This approach works well in isolation, what happens however when we need to escalate a chatbot based conversation and facilitate the customer engaging with your contact centre agents?

Often this requires a customer to call your contact centre and effectively start the triage process again which removes the value of any partial conversations that have taken place with your chatbot.

A better solution, albeit with it's own challenges is to seamlessly elevate a chatbot conversation through to live chat.

Although with integrated live chat capabilities your contact centre agents receive the context of the conversation - they still need to manually lookup additional information for your customer.

CRM Integration

By leveraging the power of the Twilio Flex platform, we can integrate a new or existing chatbot solution with live chat.

Through this model, we can capture specific customer information from the automated conversation and pass these key attributes through to your agents within either Salesforce or Zendesk.

From the agents perspective, the inbound conversation contains not only the context of the conversation - but will automatically display the associated customer record from the CRM.

This seamless integration ensures a personalised, rapid response to any customer queries - and maintains future context by aligning all conversational history with their CRM record.

Why is this unique?

There are a multitude of CRM vendor specific chatbot solutions available, which typically offer a solid integration experience with your CRM data.
The challenge comes from use cases that:

● Want to use best of breed chatbot platforms with rich natural language processing capabilities;
● Need to leverage integration with non-CRM business systems for automating self service;
● Have already invested in an existing chatbot and do not want to rework this simply to integrate with CRM;
● Require a multi-channel experience such as CRM integration with SMS based or WhatsApp conversations.

Through the introduction Twilio Flex, and our custom components - you can integrate an existing chatbot with Salesforce or Zendesk and even engage with your customers across messaging platforms such as SMS or WhatsApp to expose your existing chatbot, and then escalate conversations through to live chat with real-time integration into your CRM system for your contact centre agents.

An additional benefit of this model is that your contact centre agents can utilise your CRM as their core system and have live chat conversations brokered from within this interface. This offers an enhanced experience from other approaches where a subset of CRM data is often integrated within a specific contact centre system.


Most CRM platforms enable third party plugins whereby components such as a live chat widget can be integrated with the platform.

Through this capability we introduce a "wrapper" capability that extends your chatbot with seamless live chat escalation and integration with Salesforce or Zendesk.

How to begin

The benefit of our modular contact centre enhancements is that they can be applied to utilise as much existing value or systems as you already have in place - and offer solutions to plug any gaps in the desired capabilities.

We can support you with bespoke chatbot creation, or simply utilise an existing chatbot and enhance this with your live chat and CRM integration.


Our services can offer an end-to-end automation solution for your organisation, or simply augment existing technology that may be in place. If you would like to find out more – please get in touch.