A real social robot able to communicate with people in the most natural and intuitive way possible

Humanoid Robotics had Become a Reality

For decades now, robotics has become an integral part of production processes and their optimisation. But thanks to the evolution of technology and machine learning, today new scenarios are opening up which; until recently; belonged to the world of science fiction: we are able to build intelligent anthropomorphic machines capable of interacting with humans and adapting to surrounding environments. Robots that can improve the customer experience, for example in retail, hospitality or customer engagement.

How can a robot become almost human?

In this new scenario, the ability of a humanoid robot to behave "like a human being" becomes fundamental, to overcome the distrust of the user, to make the experience emotionally engaging and flexible, just like an interaction between two real people. Profitable for the company, useful for the customer. "The Pepper experience" is the result of the synergistic work of a multidisciplinary team, which has transformed Pepper, the robot produced by SoftBank Robotics, into a real social robot, capable of conversing, learning from interactions, reacting to emotions, communicating with body language and with the right tone of voice.

Not all Peppers are the same

Reply's distinctive approach stems from the union of different areas of expertise: thanks to the synergistic work of Sprint Reply and Bitmama, each "Pepper Experience" is designed ad hoc for each individual company, in order to integrate from a point of view of communication strategy in the Brand Experience (as a service and engagement tool), and from an IT point of view in the system of existing corporate IT platforms (such as CRM, warehouse management systems, online stores and user directories).

Technology meets brand experience

Pepper has been enriched with capabilities such as advanced computer vision, object detection and object recognition. Furthermore, by integrating the robot's internal systems with the most popular Natural Language Processing engines, a robust and flexible dialogue management is possible.

The application of digital communication techniques and emotional engagement allows Pepper to be given a personality, a role and a language that reflect the values and objectives of the brand, and to insert it in a fluid and coherent way within the customer experience.